WeWork is acquiring Meetup, a collaboration for community sake

WeWork is buying over Meetup.

The co-working space giant certainly creating more than just ripples in the community, with 255 offices in 58 countries.

Considered as the world’s fifth most valuable startup, valuing at nearly $20 billion, WeWork making a name for the sake of ‘community’.

The company has raised over $8 billion and most recently raised $4.4 billion in July from SoftBank.

According to Axios, the price of Meetup was about $200 million.

This adds on to the acquisition spree checklist that WeWork is on this year, recently acquiring Singapore-based co-working space Spacemob and computer coding academy The Flatiron School.

Both WeWork and Meetup celebrated this new venture.

Co-founder and CEO of WeWork Adam Neumann stated community was the focus, using technology to create more organic connections.

He also mentioned that both he and Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman have the similar vision for the community.

In a blog post by Meetup, it states this collaboration will unlock possibilities.

“WeWork has space for community, and Meetup needs space for community.”

This is a huge step for the idea of creating a bigger and organic community.

WeWork is becoming more multidimensional in every aspect of the community, co-working space, co-living space, fitness and education ventures. Now, the most organic online meetup, Meetup.

Australia already has a whiff of this global giant, with the latest co-working space in Melbourne and another coming up, we can only wait in anticipation for more to come.


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WeWork is acquiring Meetup, a collaboration for community sake
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