A world-first early-stage investor conference, for investors by investors

Venture Invest Conference 2018 will bring together every stage of the early-stage venture investment value chain in Australia, to focus on how Australian investors can effectively collaborate to produce more successful ventures, faster.

The conference will be a two-day event on 30-31 August, and it is happening at the NAB Arena in Melbourne.

This is not pitch-event, it’s some of Australia’s most successful early-stage investors sharing their knowledge, for the benefit of the investor community in Australia.

Here are some of the insights that will be covered during the conference:

  • Why invest in startups (aspirational)
  • How do you validate the founder/founding team (Mentors and Advisors)
  • Accelerating an idea (Accelerators)
  • Why have an advisory board and what the makeup should be (Seed)
  • Taking a venture to market (Seed)
  • The role of corporations in early-stage ventures (Corporate)
  • Funding for success, VC’s investment criteria and how they choose their investments (Venture Capital)
  • Funding to exit (Including equity crowdfunding)
  • Winning and losing (exit and failure)

Speakers and panellists from each stage of the ecosystem are featured, including Mentors and Advisors, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, etc.

The speakers are each successful investors and key players in the ecosystem, including:

  • Peter Devine, CEO Uniseed
  • Kate Cornick, CEO LaunchVic
  • Matthew Pinter, CEO Billfolda & Head of Crowd Funding Institute of Australia
  • Louise Broekman, Founder & CEO Advisory Board Centre
  • Kathryn Sforcina, Co-vice Chair, Founder & Angel Investor
  • Finbar Hanlon, Founder/Inventor/CEO of Linius Video Technology
  • Andrew Nelson, Blue Ocean Strategy Australia
  • Jamie Pride, Entrepreneur, VC & Author
  • Chris Northwood, Entrepreneur, Executive Director & Co-Founder of Activ8 Capital
  • Daniel Mumby ‘That Startup Guy’, CEO/Founder Startup Foundation – Angel investor, mentor, advisor, connector, venture catalyst & presenter

A full list of announced speakers is available on the website. 

The perfect time for a conference for investors

The event is perfect for those who are interested in the investment side of the startup community. Whether you’re an existing investor in the startup ecosystem, or you’re an investor who’s looking to learn more about the startup ecosystem.

The event is also for industry participants and operators like the accelerator organisers, VC funds, crowdfunding platforms and government agencies. But even if you don’t fall under any of those categories, but you have a keen interest to interact and converse with the leading investors, take this opportunity and sign up!

Kathryn Sforcina, one of the speaker for the event, expressed her excitement for this conference.

“I’m really excited about what I will learn from the other extremely talented speakers and about the way we can all collectively make an impact on the Aussie start-up ecosystem to drive further innovation and growth,” she said.

Matthew Pinter, who is also a speaker for the event echoed the same sentiment.

“I’m really looking forward to hearing from the other speakers and taking part. The venture funding chain is a great talking point for a conference and the industry.”

The conference is definitely happening at the right time with Australia’s startup community growing rapidly, and each state’s government is doing something to push themselves as the next innovation hub. Conversations around investments and investors are definitely due, to have a perspective on how we can enter the next stage and how we can collaborate to make Australia’s startup ecosystem prosper even more.

The ‘Venture Invest’ Conference is being organised by Startup Foundation, who are an Investment, Media and Training enterprise They focus on helping experienced professionals become successful, investable early-stage venture founders, and participate all along the ‘venture value chain’.

Tickets are available right now, and if you quote “61-bit”, you’ll get a 10% discount off the early bird tickets. The quote ends midnight today.

Follow Venture Invest on their website and social media to be updated on their latest news before the event.

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A world-first early-stage investor conference, for investors by investors
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