Unicorn Factory is more than your regular freelancing directory

Now your chance to be a unicorn.

No, I’m not talking about being a billion dollar startup or being a mystical creature that exists in some minds, I’m talking about being part of this community-driven freelance directory.

Unicorn Factory is a New Zealand based online directory with a mission to create a community-driven tech ecosystem.

Before you get turned off by the use of common startup buzz word, Unicorn Factory is something you will want to be part of.

On the platform, you’ll be able to find freelancers to hire, collaborate with like-minded creatives and grow your personal and professional networks.

It is so simple to be part of the community, all you need to do is click ‘Join Community,’ and you are good to go.

The website is straightforward, no cluttering of information or profiles; it is clean and simple.

You’ll be able to search for creative via city, skills, co-working space and expertise.

Via Unicorn Factory.

Right now, Unicorn Factory is only working in Auckland and Wellington.

There is also a database of startups ‘Made In Nz’, featuring companies and projects that are happening in NZ.

Unicorn factory was founded on Valentine’s Day this year, and it is done through the classic bootstrapping way.

The wonderful thing about Unicorn Factory is that it is local, so you can meet the person you are collaborating with face to face.

On top of that, the creatives are verified as well, which will give you a better piece of mind.

We caught up with founder Connor Finlayson, and we love him because he replies email fast.

A freelance digital marketer on most days, Unicorn Factory is something he feels that need to happen.

“Freelancing is pretty hard. There is so much stuff you need to know… accounting, marketing, design, development, etc. just to be able to run your own freelancing business.”

“I just wanted to create a directory of people that could share tips and tricks with each other,” he said.

“Also, it’s a good way to meet people!”

We asked the question that you might be thinking, would this be any different from Upwork and other freelancing database sites? 

He said that freelancing is just an aspect of the site, but not the core focus.

“What I want to achieve with the site is to make it easier for people in a city to find each other based on their skills. Being able to hire someone is obviously one thing, but I would love to see people collaborate on projects and more importantly get together outside of work.”

Secondly, Upwork is a global thing. I intend on Unicorn Factory being something that helps people reach people beyond the confines of their co-working space or personal networks, but stay within walking distance to each other. Despite being an online platform, I really want this to be an offline community.”

You can see that Connor is definitely keen on creating a community and his mission and vision is very clear.

Since, Unicorn Factory is still so new, what’s next for Unicorn Factory? 

I feel like at this point I have built what I wanted to build which is an online directory that helps people find each other. Maybe, I will do a few offline things like workshops or meet-ups, and then go from there.”

There is much to look forward to, and see where Unicorn Factory will be heading towards with their community-driven mission.

So its time for you to become a unicorn, join the community and built on to this great mission.

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Unicorn Factory is more than your regular freelancing directory
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