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Tips for Startups and SMEs on Social Media from the Mountains of New Zealand

Located in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand, Altitude Media is a team of creatives and marketers obsessed with delivering value and helping people grow their businesses online and on the ground. Wanting to do something different, the team decided to build a marketing agency in the mountains of Aotearoa. 

Last week Altitude Media held a seminar in Christchurch at Bizdojo to talk about how businesses could get their social media marketing up and running the right way. Here are some few key takeaways from the seminar and an exclusive interview with the founders Jennifer and Bayley.

  • Up your visual game

Photos and videos sell your product/service! If you have pixelated images or photos that do not explain the elements of your business, invest in getting that done.

  • Show your face

People connect to people. They want to know who’s behind the brand. Show them you care. Show up for your business on social media. At the very least, highlight your staff, clients and office dogs.

  • Stop looking at social from a personal perspective

This is a big one. Social media can get a bad wrap, especially on the personal side. Your business is online to create a positive community around your brand. Focus on that. Don’t think about who says what, work on providing an avenue for people to reach out and engage with your business. Just because you may dislike social media doesn’t mean your
business shouldn’t be on it. Change your mindset.

  • Answer every single comment & message

If someone were to call your business, you’d probably answer, right? Direct messages, comments, and reviews are the
exact same thing. If you fail to answer them in a timely manner, you are missing out on the money. Treat social media like customer service for your business. Answer everything.

  • Stop thinking about the numbers

Wanting thousands of followers right away is not going to make you tonnes of money. What you need are faithful and trusting followers who show up to read your content consistently. You do not need a lot of followers to make money through social media.

The Team at Altitude Media

Q&A with the Founders of Altitude Media

Q: Let’s start with the why. Why are you in the advertising and design industry?

A: It started off with a degree. Working as a marketing manager for Tekapo’s tourism industry. Eventually, we fell in love with the idea of making a real connection with people and just doing what you love with what your good i

Q: When you’re working with these companies, what would you say is the one thing or the biggest thing that these businesses lack in terms of their understanding of a good brand?

A: Knowledge and focus. A lot of businesses are still focused on only making a quick buck with their businesses. Especially with traditional NZ small business, having less than 5 employees means that many of these companies focusing on the wrong things due to the lack of understanding of how social media works. It’s an old age marketing thing but being patient with your consumers and the market is really important.

Q: You’ve talked a lot about alignment and aligning strategy with the creativity side of things. For a company that’s got a terrible brand – and I’m struggling to think of an example right now but there are lots of brands out there that aren’t looked upon very favourably – what’s one thing they can do to change their consumers’ attitude towards their brand in a short space of time if they’re in a bit of a brand crisis?

A: We can think of a lot of brands that are in that situation. Aligning brand strategies- definitely say fixes the problem, however, if they can’t afford a new brand- show their face- humanise a brand and be transparent. The people are the brand and if you disconnect that you’ll end up with a crappy one- everything needs to be cohesive.

Q: We talked about mediums before or channels. You’ve got video. You’ve got print. You’ve got whatever it may be. Let’s talk about video because so many brands are playing with it. Very few seem to get it right. In terms of advertising, a lot of businesses are playing with it but what’s the difference between a video that delivers ROI and one that doesn’t?

A: Messaging, you have to have a strong message and you’ve got to direct that to your target audience in a way that they can digest easily. The way you do this is to focus your message to a single person and not everyone. Having the mindset of talking to one person that represents your target audience not only makes it personal but it makes targeting a specific message a lot easier. With video production, you don’t need to spend crazy money to hire a professional videographer or an editor. You can tell a story just as well or potentially even a lot better if you DIY.

Q: Just finally on marketing, what would you say are the one or the two or three things that are consistent in every viral campaign? When you see companies do these ads that go viral and everyone knows about them in the world, what is consistent? What can we learn from those? Everyone wants them.

A: Its definitely the emotional ones, the one that pulls the heartstrings. There was this Heineken that did one- a massive viral campaign where they had this bar with two people who were complete polar opposites show up. One was a trans-person and the other a homophobe. Neither of them knew at the time. What Heineken essentially did was to conduct a social experiment where just having a conversation and a shared beer can bring people together and change peoples perspectives on things. The two things everyone can relate too.

Q: Just to finish off on this section, when you’re looking to go into a new country, whether it be the US or Brazil or whatever, what research do you want to do in that market before you launch?

A: The need. If the product is actually needed in that specific country. For example, China is massive for the New Zealand tourism industry, we work with business developers to get that message across in the brand and product. Making sure that it aligns with the business in what they are trying to achieve because there is no point expanding to a country to provide a service or product they don’t understand.


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Tips for Startups and SMEs on Social Media from the Mountains of New Zealand
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