Australian Startup helping autism


This Australian Startup helps People with Autism find Employment

Australian Startup helping autism

About 1 in 70 people in Australia live with a form of autism. The disability charity A4 estimates that 65% of people with autism are not employed – almost 12 times the rate of people without disability, that’s around 130,000 Australians.

To tackle this problem, the Australian startup Xceptional is on a mission to change these statistics, working with organisations to make them aware of the special skills of people with autism which can positively impact productivity of organisations. For example, JPMorgan found that staff with autism on their hiring program were 50% more productive than their counterparts after just three months. The company hopes to inspire other employers to focus on the strengths of neurodiversity and so make a massive dent on autism unemployment.

Recently, the startup has nominated for Google Impact Challenge Australia for new app helping people with autism find employment

The Impact Challenge searches for and supports the next generation of Australians whose innovative ideas for change are making an impact locally and globally. This year, the Impact Challenge will award $5.5M to nonprofit innovators and social entrepreneurs using technology to tackle our biggest social challenges.

 Xceptional is asking the public to vote for Xceptional in the Google Impact Challenge to give more Australians with autism the place they deserve in our workforce.

Three winners are chosen by a panel of judges, whilst the public vote for their favourite to decide on a people’s choice winner. Public voting opens on 9th October and closes on 30th October 2018.

To garner support, Xceptional’s founder Mike Tozer as the world record holder of running a half marathon in a suit will take on an epic sprint across Sydney to encourage people to vote for Xceptional, visiting key businesses that are already recognising the unique strengths of people with autism as part of their workforce.


The Xceptional Team                                                                                                                                                             

Xceptional has been recognised for their innovation in supporting people with autism to find work, winning the Westpac 2018 Businesses of Tomorrow, Macquarie Group and SEFA Partnerships Kick Starter, Optus Future Maker and being accepted to the prestigious tech accelerator Remarkable. On ABC’s Employable Me, Xceptional famously demonstrated the impact of changing standard interview practices to recognise the unique skills of people with autism.

As well as serving clients across Australia they have also done software testing projects for U.S and Hong Kong based firms. Through the app, they hope to open up opportunities for job seekers in rural and remote communities.

Founder and CEO of Xceptional Mike Tozer said: “65% of people with autism are underemployed, you can help change that in less than 30 seconds by voting for Xceptional in the Google Impact Challenge.

“Winning the Google Impact Challenge and being awarded $1 million would enable us to help thousands more people with Autism find employment in Australia. Our online app can help people with Autism harness their unique strengths and be set for success in job interviews.”

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This Australian Startup helps People with Autism find Employment
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