The Future of Australian Car Ownership

65.8 billion dollars is how much money ASIC recorded Australians spent on car ownership in 2016 alone. With the costs of petrol, insurance, car maintenance and most importantly space for parking rapidly rising, the traditional model of car ownership is evolving. More than ever we hear the term “sharing economy” and undoubtedly the car industry is rapidly shifting from the traditional car ownership models of our grandparents generation.

Leading Australian peer to peer car sharing platform is Car Next Door. Spearheading the charge towards a more modern vision of Australian car ownership, having recently secured a $2 million dollar investment from global car manufacturer Hyundai, the fifth largest auto manufacturer in the world.

Through Car Next Door, Hyundai’s will be the first sharing economy ready vehicles in Australia, with plans to feature Car Next Door in their Hyundai Auto Link app. The app will connect owners vehicles with the platform, enabling Hyundai owners to rent out their vehicles hourly or daily when they don’t need it. The integration means vetted members of Car Next Door will be able to access the vehicle by simply using their phones.

Car owners on the platform have already earnt over $5 million dollars through sharing their cars, the opportunity for individuals to offset the costs of their car is only growing, with more consumers recognising the benefits behind sharing their resources. To share their vehicle currently,car owners can fill out a five minute form to get started.

Launched in 2013 in Sydney, the Aussie startup has doubled their growth in the last year alone, and has grown to an impressive 80,000 members who’ve taken over a quarter million trips! Operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Newcastle with new locations coming soon!

With car hire starting from $5/hr + $0.33/km (including petrol), non car owners can now easily access a car within walking distance of their home, and car owners can reduce their running costs by sharing their car when they don’t need it, instead of it sitting by idly.

Through Car Next Door, individuals can sign up to borrow vehicles in their community, or rent out their car to their neighbours.

The team behind Car Next Door.

Car Next Door’s mission is to free people and the planet from the one ‘one person, one car’ mentality, by making it simple to turn any car into a share car, empowering people to save money, reduce waste and create cleaner, greener, better neighborhoods.

By offsetting our borrowers’ emissions, Car Next Door are making sure that the remaining emissions that can’t be avoided are offset by credible, long-term emissions reduction projects that also help restore native forests and biodiversity in Australia.

You can finally rent out a car, save money and feel good about the environment!

Everyone hates tech people these days. Why?
The Future of Australian Car Ownership
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Everyone hates tech people these days. Why?