Taxes made easy for freelancers with this NZ based startup

Hnry is the best friend you need if you’re a self-employed individual.

Let’s be honest, invoices, taxes and compliance can be torturous to keep up with, and it can be the worst part about being self-employed.

This is where Hnry swoops in and save your day like your desired superhero crush.

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Hnry is a ‘pay-as-you-earn’ service that is revolutionising the world of self-employment and the ‘gig economy’, by making it simple and accessible for anyone.

Identifying themselves as “Self-employment in a box’, Hnry ensures individuals receive exactly the right amount of their regular income after all their tax and compliance obligations have been met.

Hnry can manage all your invoices for you, no matter what their arrangement is, from one client tottered parties and multiple clients, they will be able to handle it.

Hnry will also handle all tax situations, calculating and paying it for you so that you won’t accidentally use it up, calculating and filing for your tax return for you as well so that you won’t miss a deadline and stress over it.

The online platform is made just for the self-employed individual, letting them have the control and also allow you to access it 24/7.

Therefore, if you are a freelancer, contractor or whatever your self-employment situation is, Hnry is here to help.

Hnry comes with two plans, with either 1% or 1.75% of your income.

Hnry is a registered Tax Agent, working with both the government and private sector organisations to make sure you get the best service possible.

Regularly meetings with senior government representatives and maintaining close links with each government agency, you can trust Hnry to provide you with the best services.

“Yesterday’s employment model was ‘jobs for life’ and a company that looked after you. 

Today’s model is flexible jobs, and Hnry looks after you.”

So why is this great?

Hnry is definitely solving a real problem that many of self-employed people struggle with.

There are over 400,000 individuals in New Zealand and 2,000,000 in Australia who are already self-employed.

They’re all different ranging from creative freelancers to tradies to taxi drivers. 

Hnry realises that worrying about tax and compliance can be a hassle, taking up mind and time and eventually affecting the work.

On top of that, the gig-economy is certain on the rise and becoming a global trend.

The gig-economy is, if you don’t already know, is where people sell their services for one-off jobs or short period contracts, like freelancers.

The rise of the gig-economy is certainly changing the way we work, and it is changing at a fast rate as well.

According to Forbes, freelancers are expected to be the majority of the workforce by 2027.

Hence, Hnry is definitely bringing a service to this changing workforce, as current systems are geared towards more traditional modes of working.

We caught up with Hnry CEO James Fuller to discuss what’s next for them.

How did you come about with Hnry?

Claire and I had been self-employed for a while and had waded through all the tax and compliance rules and procedures for ourselves. We then had a few friends go self-employed, and we offered to handle their tax and compliance for them, rather than force them to learn everything like we had to. Soon we realised that we were ‘doing the books’ for a few different people, as well as ourselves, and I had one of those classic ‘there must be a better way’ moments.

So we started working on some basic MVPs for how we might build a system to take care of all this tax and compliance, and in essence, Hnry was born. We started small, building things out gradually using off-the-shelf tools. Soon we had a bunch of customers coming to us, keen to sign up. That was way back last year, and since then we’ve taken on a load of new customers and re-built our entire platform to be more scalable and more automated.

We’ve also had fantastic engagement and interest from Inland Revenue New Zealand and other government departments. By solving a problem for ourselves, we’ve ended up launching a fully functioning business that can solve the same problem for self-employed people everywhere.

What is in store for 2018? 

2018 is a massive year for Hnry. We’re currently part of the Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator programme, which we’re taking part in specifically to grow our customer base rapidly, and develop partnerships with large organisations like KiwiBank.

It’s a perfect time for Hnry to cement our foothold in New Zealand, and to make our next move into new countries. With the gig economy growing exponentially, we’re really thrilled that we can start to really support the growing contingent workforce, and make self-employment simple and more accessible for anyone.

Are there plans to expand?

In terms of ‘where to next’, we’ve already had interest from Australia, and that currently seems like the logical choice for our expansion. We’re looking to develop the same sort of partnerships in Australia that we currently have in New Zealand (i.e. finding those organisations and industries that use a lot of self-employed staff) and we’re looking to engage with the self-employment community in Australia to validate that they have the same challenges as people do here in NZ. 

Our platform and business model are easily transferable to new countries, and we’re definitely keen to expand this business beyond New Zealand within the next few months – particularly as we know that we’re solving a globally relevant problem. 

Via Hnry Facebook.

Hnry is built with thought and empathy for their user, and we are definitely excited to see their expansion.

Keep a lookout for the Kiwibank Fintech Accelerator demo day on 17 May. Don’t forget to keep up with Hnry to see what they are doing next, follow them on their social media to be in the loop.

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Taxes made easy for freelancers with this NZ based startup
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