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  • Independent Reserve debuts in the Australian Financial Review Fast Starters List 2018

    Independent Reserve has become the first cryptocurrency exchange in Australia to debut in the Australian Financial Review’s Fast Starters List, coming in at 17th position with a total revenue of $9.67 million reported for the 2017-18 financial year. The Financial Review’s annual list recognises the 100 fastest growing startup businesses in Australia, based on revenue… Read more »

  • Charitizer teams up with Drought Angels to help Australian Farmers

    Caring Aussies would love to donate goods to drought-stricken farmers in remote regions of Australia. But due to the vast distances involved it’s simply not viable. Now it’s possible to sell unwanted goods and donate the money from the sale to Drought Angels for them to distribute on the Charitizer online donation marketplace. Charitizer has teamed up with Drought Angels… Read more »

  • Kiwi Dev Achieves Bitcoin Transaction without using the Web or Power-grid

    It might be possible one day to achieve Bitcoin transactions from literally anywhere in the world, with no internet connection and no electricity. Off-grid cryptocurrency transaction seems to be becoming a reality as yet another developer has managed to send Bitcoin without a data connection, using only low-cost consumer grade hardware. An ingenious developer from New Zealand… Read more »