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  • The world’s first dedicated Web 3.0 hub and it is in Melbourne

    York Butter Factory (YBF) in Melbourne is on a winning streak. This time, launching the world’s first dedicated Web 3.0 hub: YBF Mesh. YBF Mesh will be located in their new 3100 square-meter headquarter right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. YBF believes that the web’s next major shift will be towards a decentralised web, Web 3.0…. Read more »

  • Pack your bags and get ready to move to Geelong

    The second largest city in Victoria, Geelong,  is where you should turn your attention. Being crowned the city with the fastest Internet in Australia, Geelong is more than just beautiful sceneries and bollards. We all already know the slower lifestyle in Geelong as compared to bigger cities like Melbourne and Sydney. It is a great… Read more »