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  • Exclusive 61-bit Interview with the Founder of ONTHEGO

    ONTHEGO is a creative ecosystem for custom branded apparel and accessories. The brainchild of Australian Founder and Entrepreneur, Mick Spencer, who founded the company at age 21 with a vision to connect people through the power of teamwear. Q and A with Mick Spencer and 61-bit Q) Most great entrepreneurs might dedicate their lives to one,… Read more »

  • Amazon accidentally made an A.I Recruitment Tool that Didn’t like Women

    E-commerce giant Amazon reportedly had to scrap an A.I recruitment tool because it was biased against female candidates. According to a report from Reuters, Amazon started building the platform in 2014, to help speed up the recruitment process by making it automated and more efficient. It rated resumes out of five, automatically ranking candidates in terms… Read more »

  • How Amazon will affect the Australian digital ecosystem

    Since the launch of Amazon in Australia in December last year, there has been much hype about how the launch would impact Australian businesses and consumer behaviour. Just on 61-bit alone, three articles were written about Amazon and its potential impact (you can read more here, here and here). We decided to engage in an expert… Read more »

  • Amazon Vs Alibaba and Taobao

    It’s time to set eyes on the battleground since this e-commerce war is worth witnessing. Amazon and the Alibaba Group are battling against each other to win the crown for the leader of the global e-commerce market. Amazon laid the cornerstone in 1995 as an online bookstore whereas Alibaba came in 1999, nearly five years after… Read more »

  • The BNPL Mentality: The rise of zipPay and Afterpay

    BNPL. The “Buy Now and Pay Later” mentality. I’m sure we’ve all been there before. I’ve certainly, most definitely been there. Wanting to buy that sweet-ass gaming desktop, rigged with the latest graphics card (GEFORCE GTX 1080 TI of course) and hardware but didn’t have enough money? Feeling disappointed and sorry for yourself? While now… Read more »

  • Amazon Australia is planning something big for Boxing Day

    The retail giant has been quiet for a while since its launch in Australia but is it waiting for Boxing Day to dominate the market, or it is staying on the down low because it is not meeting expectations. Heaps of articles predicted that Amazon Australia would launch on Black Friday since it is the… Read more »

  • Uber is Losing an Absolute INSANE amount of Money!

    For a new company like Uber, it is never unusual to lose money for the first couple of years. It is almost expected in any case as a company seeks market share and traction. However, what is unusual for a company is the amount they are losing. It’s not unusual for a new company to… Read more »

  • How Amazon Australia will Impact Australia’s e-commerce Industry

    After announcing its incoming arrival to Australia, Amazon has earned a reputation for being ‘the worst possible corporate citizen’. It is now being called by names like ‘Attila the Hun’, ‘a parasite’, ‘who pays no tax’ or ‘sends everyone broke’. Why is it so? Is it the so-called happy consumers or the retailers who are… Read more »

  • Why winning the Last Mile matters for the e-commerce industry

    If you’ve been keeping up to date with all the latest tech news, especially articles relating to Amazon, you’ve probably seen reference to the term “the last mile delivery”. But what does this mean exactly? When Jeff Bezos began the era of e-commerce in 1995, from books to computers, over time, nearly all major retailers… Read more »

  • Jeff Bezos is the world’s only $100 billionaire

    Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos is worth more than $100 billion all thanks to Black Friday. Bezos is the newest guy to reach that net worth since 1999, which was previously achieved by Bill Gates. Although Australia does not participate actively during Black Friday, we are pretty much aware of the Internet image… Read more »