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  • Why Hiring the Right Employees is Important

    Why is it so important to ensure that you’re hiring the right employees? Does it really matter all that much? Why can’t I just hire my best friend? Well, your employees are your biggest asset, regardless of what industry you’re in. They are the essential cog in the ever-moving machine. No business could operate successfully,… Read more »

  • 5 collaborative apps you might want to consider

    Collaboration requires communication and communication plays a vital role in determining success or failure. Especially between teams, the number of emails and text messages being sent, is there a better way to put everything together? Of course, there is, technology is always catching up on our needs. There are heaps of collaborative apps and platforms… Read more »

  • Facebook launches food delivery service

    Facebook is stepping up its game again. They announced a food delivery service via the Facebook app. According to Facebook, ordering food for takeout or delivery is somehow complicated. My sentiments exactly, choosing between the three apps I have can sometimes be very challenging. They state this can be made simpler by doing it directly… Read more »

  • Barayamal and Fishburners kicks off Budding Entrepreneur program

    Four indigenous entrepreneurs have been chosen for Barayamal & Fishburners 3-month Budding entrepreneurs program. Barayamal is the first Australian accelerator for indigenous entrepreneurs and they are working with Fishburners. The three months program will monitoring from successful Indigenous and non-Indigenous entrepreneurs, workshops and training at Fishburners in Sydney or Brisbane. Barayamal organized a national charity hackathon,… Read more »

  • Victorian startups raised $750 million over past five years, report says

    A combined total of $750 million has been raised by Victorian startups over the last five years, according to LaunchVic. The report, completed by dandolpartners, examined 510 seed, angel and venture capital raises for 385 Victorian startups and scaleups. The information was gathered from public data sources including Crunchbase, AngelList, media releases, publicised portfolios of… Read more »

  • WeWork setting its roots in Melbourne

    Hailed as ‘probably the most important startup’ by, the state government’s minister for small business, Philip Dalidakis. US-based startup WeWork just opened up a new co-working space in Melbourne. While they are not new to Australia, with a co-working space set up in Sydney, WeWork is setting its roots deeper down under. Opened in November,… Read more »