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  • How Uber enters new markets

    Since it’s inception in 2000, Uber has been the tech company we all love to hate. Its rise has been rapid. In 2014, it was rolling out at a rate of one city per day. Now, it’s in more than 450 cities worldwide. So, this is how Uber does it. [tie_list type=”lightbulb”] Scout [/tie_list] Despite… Read more »

  • Jeff Bezos is the world’s only $100 billionaire

    Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos is worth more than $100 billion all thanks to Black Friday. Bezos is the newest guy to reach that net worth since 1999, which was previously achieved by Bill Gates. Although Australia does not participate actively during Black Friday, we are pretty much aware of the Internet image… Read more »

  • Bitcoin price hits $9000

    Well, the price of Bitcoin passed $9000, setting a new high for itself. The price has been increasing since yesterday, hitting $9000 and now it is well over $9000. According to CoinMarketCap, bitcoin has increased by 8.61percent in 24 hours, and 20.47 percent over the last seven days. The market capitalisation is around $161 billion…. Read more »

  • Diversity is important, let’s discuss

    Diversity in the workplace Diversity is a well-discussed topic in every industry. Even with all that discussion, the topic doesn’t seem to cease. Diversity is such a board term as well covering race, gender, age and more. In the recent Startup Muster report, it does show that there is diversity in our startup ecosystem. Women… Read more »

  • Why Hiring the Right Employees is Important

    Why is it so important to ensure that you’re hiring the right employees? Does it really matter all that much? Why can’t I just hire my best friend? Well, your employees are your biggest asset, regardless of what industry you’re in. They are the essential cog in the ever-moving machine. No business could operate successfully,… Read more »

  • 5 collaborative apps you might want to consider

    Collaboration requires communication and communication plays a vital role in determining success or failure. Especially between teams, the number of emails and text messages being sent, is there a better way to put everything together? Of course, there is, technology is always catching up on our needs. There are heaps of collaborative apps and platforms… Read more »

  • Facebook launches food delivery service

    Facebook is stepping up its game again. They announced a food delivery service via the Facebook app. According to Facebook, ordering food for takeout or delivery is somehow complicated. My sentiments exactly, choosing between the three apps I have can sometimes be very challenging. They state this can be made simpler by doing it directly… Read more »