New Australian company launches to spearhead industry for medical travellers

Meditrav is a clever and innovative new Australian online service that connects medical travellers with accredited health professionals across the world.

Following a successful launch of their products across China in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, Lindy Andrews, Managing Director of Meditrav, spoke on the company’s growing success. 

“There’s a growing international demand for a choice of quality, affordable accredited health and medical services, in particular among the Chinese rapidly expanding upper and middle class. 

“Australia is considered to have one of the best and most advanced health systems in the world with internationally recognised doctors, specialists, surgeons, dentists and so on.   The Chinese are keen to travel to Australia to access and undertake treatment and services in Australia.  Meditrav has put in place the capability for this to happen.

 “This means we are creating and growing a new and exciting industry for Australia which will create jobs, support the health, tourism and travel industry and bring revenue into our local economy. 

“It’s a really exciting time, and being an Australian entrepreneur in this space is a great position to be in.”

Lindy Andrews gives credit to the support and assistance of the Australia China SME Association. The Association, which is member based, is focussed on helping Australian SMEs to launch their businesses, products and services in to the fast-growing Chinese market.  It does this by undertaking regular informational events, conducting China awareness roundtables, member networking, trade missions and other business activation activities.  It also has strategic partnerships with various Chambers of Commerce across China.

“To have an insight into the Chinese market with support from the Association was so helpful in launching our product,” Lindy Andrews added.


Meditrav offers major services to inbound and outbound travellers.    For inbound travellers, Meditrav offers quality health assessments, personal assistance for organising treatment in Australia, Telehealth services, and wellness holidays to accompany treatment.  For outbound travellers, Meditrav offers the same high-quality services and assistance in organising medical travels.

“The outbound medical tourism in China is booming.   Some 483,000 Chinese medical travellers spent US$9.7 billion on medical tourism in 2015, an increase of 31% annually since 2012. This number will approach 900,000 by 2020,” says Lindy Andrews.

“For us, to ignore that market would be a mistake.

“We’re in a position to help medical travellers obtain the best possible quality of overseas medical treatment.  Our position in both the Australian and Chinese markets gives us an insight into the demands of those markets and allows us to give our clients a premium service.

“We’re excited about where this will take us, and we’re so grateful for the support from the Association and the wider business and health community.”

“Many Australian businesses have great ideas which are ideal for the Chinese however they just need help understanding how to access the Chinese market, how to get to the right people and what processes to follow.  We help with all of this,” David Thomas, China expert and founder of the Australian China SME Association said today. 

“Health and aged care is a burgeoning sector for the Chinese.  While they have made great progress in improving their primary health care system, it still faces challenges including quality of care.

 “Given China holds a fifth of the world’s population, a growing middle class and a growing prevalence of chronic non-communicable disease, there is a huge opportunity for Australia to offer health and medical services to Chinese wanting to travel to Australia for quality care.

“The important element to note in all of this is that China is no longer an export market just for the big end of town, thanks to lower tariffs and the internet, it is also highly accessible for SMEs and the Association helps them to make this possible.

“It is exciting to be part of Meditrav’s journey and we look forward to assisting many more Australian  businesses.”

About Meditrav 

As the leading global medical facilitation company headquartered in Australia, Meditrav connects medical travellers with quality, affordable accredited health providers, hospitals and clinics in Australia and overseas.  Offering health assessment and telehealth services as well as a wide range of wellness holidays to complex medical treatments and surgeries and associated travel programs.  

Meditrav specialises in a wide range of medical services to get patients feeling healthier than ever before. And while we work hard to offer top-of-the-line treatments that help you feel better and get better, we also focus on preventative strategies to ensure you stay better for longer.

About The Australian China SME Association

The Australian China SME Association (ACSME) is an organisation dedicated to building relationships, understanding and opportunities between Australian and Chinese small to medium size businesses.    It provides a platform for both Australian and Chinese entrepreneurs and enterprises to come together for networking, relationship building and knowledge-sharing.   It offers members networking events, access to trade missions, topic round tables, educational events and much more.   It also provides a chance for business, trade and investment opportunities to occur.


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New Australian company launches to spearhead industry for medical travellers
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