Jeff Bezos is the world’s only $100 billionaire

Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos is worth more than $100 billion all thanks to Black Friday.

Bezos is the newest guy to reach that net worth since 1999, which was previously achieved by Bill Gates.

Although Australia does not participate actively during Black Friday, we are pretty much aware of the Internet image of Black Friday.

Black Friday is a pretty big deal in the other side of the world.

Do not underestimate the power of sales, online sales were reported to be $5 billion, and Amazon taking almost half of it. Even if you get the math wrong, it is a massive sum of money.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon’s shares rose more than 2 percent on optimism for Black Friday. Consequently increasing Bezos net worth.

Bloomberg also reported Bezos’s fortune rose $32.6 billion this year through Thursday, the largest increase of anyone on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Via Bloomberg.

This is a new milestone reached for Bezos, as he surpassed Bill Gates last year for the spot for world’s richest person.

Bill Gates net worth dropped as he increased his philanthropic efforts giving up a donation of 64 million Microsoft shares to charity, Quartz reported.

There is a question on people’s mind about Bezos’ philanthropic efforts.

His effort to seek suggestions on twitter was replied with 50,000 suggestions, and no action so far, Inc reported.

However, the question of what is the future of Amazon as it opens up in Australia creates interest.

In addition, how will that affect the e-commerce here in Australia?

It is not too long till we know the answer, so buckle up and keep up with the ride.

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Jeff Bezos is the world’s only $100 billionaire
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