Why Hiring the Right Employees is Important

Why is it so important to ensure that you’re hiring the right employees? Does it really matter all that much? Why can’t I just hire my best friend?

Well, your employees are your biggest asset, regardless of what industry you’re in. They are the essential cog in the ever-moving machine. No business could operate successfully, without the right employees.

Not only do employees represent the company by dealing with customers, but a team of qualified and effective employees will allow a business to build a core that will stand apart from the rest.

Why Hiring the Right Employees is Important

Developing your own unique customer experience will come from having the right employees for your business. The hiring process isn’t just about finding someone to fill an empty position, it’s about so much more than that.

A CareerBuilder survey found that 38 percent of companies hired the wrong employees just because it needed a position filled quickly. 21 percent of companies in the same survey admitted to not testing the employees’ skills well enough. Dedicating your resources and your time to find the best candidate for that position, a candidate that is dedicated to the success of your business, long and short-term, is paramount.

No two people are the same and because of this, every individual is unique and brings a unique quality to the business. To find an employee with the perfect combination of skills and qualities that are necessary and important in your business is essential.

Finding an employee that fits into your business culture is also paramount. An employee with the right set of skills, the right attitude and the ability to fit into the business culture already created will prove to be the right choice. Therefore, having a culture that is set up and ready to find the best potential employee is important. So, why?


The Why

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  • Employees are the key to your business’ reputation.
    Any business, especially a start-up, will face a huge challenge when trying to establish, implement and maintain its reputation. It is important to make sure that the name of your company, your brand, has become almost synonymous with professional, effective, and efficient work. Your employees are the KEY to your business because they are the face of your business. As a start-up, having the right people on board with you, who share your long and short-term vision, will allow you to lead them in striving and achieving your goals.
  • Employees are the key to the future of your business.
    The right employees will keep your clients happy, help you establish and maintain that oh so important reputation but they are also unbelievably central to your business culture. Hiring the right people, especially right at the start is important. These are the individuals who will set a precedent that will become fundamental to the ethos and the attitude the business has toward its employees in the future. Finding the right people to create that business culture right at the start will help your business continue to find future employees who “fit in.” Finding future employees who are right-minded will have a positive result on the service quality that your business aims to deliver.[/tie_list]

The How

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  • Create a business culture that defines your business. One that you want to work in and be involved in. Create a business culture that brings your employees together and forms a bond.
  • Spend the time and the resources required to build your hiring process to conform to your business culture. Find the right people to fill your positions. Don’t just hire someone because he’s got the best qualifications from the biggest university. Find the person that will fit well for you and your company.



Just because someone has an MBA from Harvard does not mean he’s the right fit for your business. If they don’t fit well into your business culture you’re going to have an unhappy chappy. Let’s be honest, no one wants that!

So, take your time to put in the work and create a hiring system that will help you find the ones to help your business grow. Start well with the right people and create the business culture that YOU want to work in. Take that time to make sure that your culture keeps your biggest asset happy.

You know how we’ve all had that one boss who we’ve always hated. That and the company that we’ve sworn never to work for again? Use that as an example of what NOT to do when building your own.

Your employees will be the ones who help your company grow. The greatest product in the world won’t sell if the right people aren’t behind it.


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Why Hiring the Right Employees is Important
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