Here’s an all male exclusive entrepreneur group you can try and be a part of

Do you want to be part of an exclusive all men entrepreneur group?

Well, here is your chance, because I’ve done all the research for you from a tip I got at my co-working space.

Let me introduce you to The Brotherhood.

Before you go off googling for more details, you will not find much about them apart from occasional terrifying images of other groups named The Brotherhood, which I must say really got me worried when I was doing my research. Maybe the SEO could be slightly better, but after understanding what they do, I can see why it is low key secretive.

So before I go off explaining this club for men, I found out about this group not because I’m male or an entrepreneur. I saw a water bottle with the title ‘The Brotherhood’ at WeWork, where we’re based at, and naturally, I had to find out more about it. Pretty good advertising I will say despite all the aggressive WeWork branded items all around the place.

So I asked him, what’s The Brotherhood?

He said it was a club for entrepreneurs, which I then ask is it only for males because it says ‘The Brotherhood’. He said yes.

Very intriguing isn’t it? Our startup community is filled with more sub-communities, so this shouldn’t be too surprising. BUT google search didn’t really have much information about them, hence I had to find out more.

Here’s the website.

Pretty plain with just a video on the home page with no words, and a contact page that explicitly said:

“Do I Qualify For The Brotherhood?

We take our member curation very seriously and only on occasion do we accept non-referrals. Please fill out the form below to get started.”

And the form is specific. Questions like:

  • Does your net worth exceed $500,000 as a direct result from the profits or sale from a previously owned business?
  • The number of years as a full-time entrepreneur?
  • Last fiscal year revenue In USD, starting from 0-250,000 to 1 billion plus.
  • But the best part is the one video on their home page.

Scenes of yacht ride with your bros, sitting in a circle near a fireplace, archery range, racing cars and strong handshakes and their flag waving in the wind as the yacht moves.

According to the video, the script will tell you why The Brotherhood was created.

“We created The Brotherhood because entrepreneurship is isolating.”

“Very few people that could relate to our challenges and who could advise us on how to grow our businesses and that’s where The Brotherhood comes in.”

Sounds like a pretty cool meet up group hey? This just makes me wonder how many Aussie male entrepreneurs are part of this initiative.

After researching long and hard, I was able to locate the co-founder on LinkedIn. The Brotherhood has been around for six years and five months if he has been the co-founder since the beginning and it is based in Brooklyn, New York. But more importantly, his cover image showed a group photo of the diverse members of The Brotherhood, which featured females, which could be their partners but I would not like not confirm that.

His profile also gave a pretty good explanation of The Brotherhood.

‘The Brotherhood creates opportunities for established entrepreneurs to share valuable knowledge and learn from each other. And most importantly, we create environments for them to build relationships with each other that go beyond business.

The Brotherhood brings our handpicked members together through a wide range of online & offline settings. If you’re looking for transactional relationships, The Brotherhood is not the place for you. We pride ourselves on creating authentic connections that go beyond business because this approach leads to the greatest amount of business & personal growth.”

It sounds like a pretty cool and exclusive club which I really hope there will be a ‘bring a guest night’ so I can get a feel for it.

So if anyone of you, readers, are part of this group, please share the experiences you’ve had, because I’m very intrigued by it.

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Here’s an all male exclusive entrepreneur group you can try and be a part of
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