Hatch Quarter launches Playbook just for international founders

International entrepreneurs are getting the support they deserved.

Co-working hub Hatch Quarter is setting up events and a playbook to support first-generation refugee and migrant entrepreneurs in Victoria. 

Meetup events are the first phase of action.

InterPreneur meetups aim to build a supportive community for the international people in Australia.

It is set up to create a space for internationals to come together, build each other up by sharing stories, experiences and knowledge. You can expect events like Q&As panel, workshops and meet and greet sessions.

The meetup group has no specific target group as well, which means students, travellers, working professionals are welcome to join.

In collaboration with creative agency, Mo Works, a playbook is set up to kick-start the startup journey for first-generation Australian entrepreneurs.

Via Hatch Quarter.

The Playbooks will be made available in a number of languages, and it will include stories from fellow international entrepreneurs, a list of service providers and just some good advice, tips and answers for questions you might have.

If you would like to get involved, Hatch Quarter is looking for more stories from international entrepreneurs.

Ain’t their first rodeo

They have been doing this for the past three years.

With more than 3000 members and 2100 members in their InterPreneur meetup group, I can safely say that they know what they are doing and their impact is significant and effective.

This is because they have partnered up with other companies like the City of Melbourne, Knowledge Market in Docklands and now with Mo Works.

Having various talents and skills within their team is really helping them got on to another level, which can be seen in their pretty impressive events resume.

Major supporters 

Hatch Quater is backed by LaunchVic.  We all already know LaunchVic plays a prominent role in our startup community and is also supported by the government.

The $1.4 million LaunchVic round 3 grant was pumped into this project.

This goes to show that the government is supportive of international entrepreneurs despite much drama with the 457 skill visa.

“Diversity and inclusion is a core focus for LaunchVic, and the playbook will be an important contribution enabling more migrant and refugee entrepreneurs to engage in the Victorian startup ecosystem,” CEO of LaunchVic, Dr Kate Cornick said.

“As someone who moved to Australia more than ten years ago, I feel honoured to be living in a country that recognises migrants and refugees as valuable assets to the startup industry,” director of Hatch Quarter, Aiman Hamdouna told Startup Daily.

“We are a community and a company that can facilitate the knowledge and information to entrepreneurs, migrants and refugees who are ready for wanting to learn more about how to start their startup idea.”

Hatch Quarter was launched in 2015 by Aiman and Mo Hamdouna out of their own experiences as migrants and entrepreneurs to share their knowledge with others and cultivate a community.

Via Hatch Quarter FaceBook.

It is definitely nice to see effort and support are put into international entrepreneurs.

The latest Startup Muster report shows 36 percent of the startup founders and 38 percent of future founders are not born in Australia.

Sixteen percent of startups have at least one current employee on a working visa. The majority holds 457 VISA.

Those are not tiny numbers, taking up almost a third of the startup community, resources and support are clearly needed for this community.

However, with proposed changes to the VISAs, we will only know the impact when it finally happens.

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Hatch Quarter launches Playbook just for international founders
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