Actor and entrepreneur Nick Slater tell us how he does it all

Nick Slater is a name many of us would know, either from his stint on Triple M or his role as Prince Henri on the Netflix show, Reign.

Nick made a name for himself as an entrepreneur with his app, Captiona, which you might be familiar with.

Captiona is an app that basically helps you create winning captions if you’re struggling to come up with one, a relatable problem that we’ve all experienced.

Which is why Captiona reached an impressive milestone not too long ago with 50,000 users and downloaded in over 177 countries with no marketing budget spent.

So we wonder, how does Nick handle being an entrepreneur/having a side hustle among all the other things he’s doing?

Side hustles are definitely not a new concept anymore, there are so many talks on embracing side hustles or side hustles becoming the main hustle. 

That’s because the reality is that many of us might not be ideally doing what we love, hence having a side hustle is pretty common but jumping the ship to focus on our side hustle can be daunting.

Juggling our responsibility and our passion can be hard, and sometimes it takes a moment of realisation to ignite that passion and take a risk.

So the question is, what does it take to have a few hustles going on at the same time? 

We asked Nick a few questions about his journey as an entrepreneur and some tips on being a hustler and what’s next for Captiona.

How did you become an entrepreneur, with a time-intensive job at the same time? 

I was working in breakfast radio when I first started planning Captiona. The silver lining of starting work at 430am meant I was home by lunch, leaving the afternoon free to work on other projects. 

Side hustles are on the rise with many entrepreneurs being born from their side hustle, what advice can you give for those trying to pursue this lifestyle? 

It’s so important to pursue endeavours that you’re passionate about because these are the projects that will provide the most fulfilment. If that means starting a side hustle, then go for it! Just make sure you don’t become complacent in your main hustle before you’re ready to jump.

How important is it to do what you love? Given that some budding entrepreneurs might be fearful of committing their time to their startup ideas.

To me, doing something you love is not just fulfilling, but it’s where you do your best work. It might not be a money-maker initially, but if you pour your heart into anything you’re good at, it will eventually pay dividends.

What would you say to future entrepreneurs that might need a little push and motivation? 

In my experience, anyone thinking of starting their own project doesn’t need motivation but are being held back by fear. I would say to them that life is short, feel the fear and do it anyway!

What is one skill that you think is vital for all entrepreneurs to have or should learn to have? 

In the early stages of a startup, you’re required to wear lots of different hats to get the idea off the ground. On any given day, you’ll be a designer, copywriter or a salesman. So I think the most important skill is to throw yourself into anything that is required, even if the role falls outside of your experience.

Describe the biggest challenge you have faced in your entrepreneurial journey so far? How did you overcome it? 

After the excitement of launching Captiona, I found myself struggling for motivation. Perhaps on a subconscious level, I set the launch as my target and figured everything would be rosy from there.

The biggest challenge was sustaining the motivation to maintain Captiona and work out the next steps.

I went back to the drawing board to rediscover that energy.

What is happening for Captiona in 2018? 

2018 will be big!  First up we’re bringing Captiona to Android which has been the biggest user request since launching on iOS in 2017. We’re also adding a bunch of under-the-hood improvements to improve search specificity so that our users can more easily find captions suited to their personality. There are also some exciting new front-end features we’ll bring to the app to improve the user experience.


If finding motivation is what you’re struggling with, you are not the only one. It might still be a struggle when you’re following your passion, but as Nick described it “doing something you love is not just fulfilling, but it’s where you do your best work.” 

Here’s an entrepreneur taking risks and doing what he loves, so take the advice and make a decision. Feel that sense of accomplishment, and earn the rights to call yourself a hustler/entrepreneur. Now, go dazzle like a disco ball because you can. 

If a burst of down-to-earth motivation is needed again. you can always bookmark this page.

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Actor and entrepreneur Nick Slater tell us how he does it all
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Brisbane set to become a new player in startup race