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5 startups you missed at Pause Fest

Pause Fest 2018 was amazing, we expressed it.

Here’s a list of startups that caught our attention.


Vollie is here to help you make volunteering easy. We all know an online marketplace for various product and services, but Vollie is one that connects people to non-profits, charities and social enterprises for skill-based online volunteering.

Yes, the projects on Vollie is exclusively online. This definitely opens up the volunteering spectrum as now we can contribute our skills and experiences the digital way.

Now, we can contribute in more ways than just being physically there.

Plus with it being online, volunteering is a lot more flexible now, allowing anyone from anywhere in the world to take part and to have control over it by planning it around their own schedules.

How does it work?

You tell them your skill; they match you to projects both global and local and then you are good to go! So simple.

Projects range from copywriting to animation and market research. There is definitely something you can contribute to.

Their mission is to bring volunteering into the digital age, ‘online volunteering for an online generation’.

In just 15 months of operation, 281 projects have been posted and over $250 000 of total volunteer value.

There are already so many different charities on Vollie; you can easily find one you feel passionate towards.

So start clicking and lend your skills to a bigger cause!


Fan Tipper

Via Facebook.

Are you someone who’s never holding cash because PayPass is the way of life for you? Are you someone who likes to show appreciation by tipping?

Well, Fan Tipper is here to help. They are bringing tipping online so that cashless doesn’t mean that the generosity stops there.

It’s incredibly easy as well. Just log on and put your payment details and you’re ready to show your gratitude.

Although it is still in their Beta stage, there are already places that you can tip, ranging from bars to cafes to buskers.

Tipping is a wonderful way to show your appreciation towards the service or the creator, adding a monetary value to just sharing a post on social media.

Joining Fan Tipper is free to join, but there is a five percent Fan Tipper commission deducted from the total amount tipped.

Now you can’t use the excuse of ‘oh I only have card’ anymore.



Via Therefore.

FAB9 is makerspace located in Footscray, that provide tool, technology and training for anyone interested in making.

It is collaborative and supportive space,  though we might have all heard of that before, FAB9 is bringing something different.
It a place where you can turn your ideas into tangible objects.
The space will be filled with woodwork machines, laser cutters, a CNC router and  3D printers, whether you’re an amateur completing your dream DIY project or an inventor set to create the next world-changing product FAB9 has something for you.

FAB9 collaborated with local Melbourne architecture studios Therefore and ample to bring you this fabulous space. There will be five labs under one roof including a timber shop, metal shop, CNC lab, Digi lab and Electronics Lab.  Check out their website to preview the types of equipment they will have on-site.

Membership starts at $99 a month. Aside from having access to tools and technology, FAB9 will also provide training, so you can be confident no matter your skill level.
FAB9 is proudly part of The Dream Factory, which we all know is a hub for businesses focused on technology, design, and social impact.
So keep a lookout for FAB9 launch, because I’m sure it is going to be fab.


Via Facebook.

Brauz is taking fashion tech to another level; it is an online personal shopper. We all can’t go to Barneys New York to have someone help us shop, so Brauz is the perfect friend for you.

It tailors to your style by looking at how you interact with brands to give you a personalised approach to your shopping.

We all know shopping can become a chore if you cant find anything you like after scouting through Myers and David Jones.

Brauz even has brands that you might not come across because of your limited knowledge and physical stamina for shopping.

It is more than just scrolling through your feed as well; it will prompt you as you’re walking down the street if it sees something that might fit you. I mean, how cool is that.

Right now you cannot buy the product right off the platform, but it will be a feature very soon.

And fret not, these people know fashion and love fashion and most importantly, they believe in shopping and the connection between you and your brands.

One Tribe

Via Facebook.

One Tribe is a platform that connects hair and make-up artists and clients.

This platform is a win-win for both parties, clients get to find all these amazing talents in one place, and the artists can grow their brand and client base.

A startup that benefits both parties is definitely worth a gold star and your attention.

How does it work?

You post a job, you’ll get offers from the artist near your area, you find your match, and they come to you! Simple as that.

We all know there are so many amazing hair and make-up artists out there and we want to try them all out to see which fits us best. And if you are event organiser or a production company, we all know the struggles of looking for either a hair or make-up artist.

One Tribe is putting them all on one platform for you, so chuck them a thank you email already.


So there you go, you’re welcome.

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5 startups you missed at Pause Fest
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