Facebook launches food delivery service

Facebook is stepping up its game again.

They announced a food delivery service via the Facebook app.

According to Facebook, ordering food for takeout or delivery is somehow complicated.

My sentiments exactly, choosing between the three apps I have can sometimes be very challenging.

They state this can be made simpler by doing it directly through their app, considering people already go to Facebook to figure where to eat from reading reviews.

A new option ‘Order Food’ is added in the Explore menu, then you can browse nearby restaurants and go from there.

Facebook also mentioned existing login in accounts are still valid and providing an option to create an account without leaving the app.

They have combined with various food delivery services in the US and individual restaurants like Papa John’s.

An interesting feature of being able to see what your friends have to say about a restaurant is added.

However, this is only available in the US on both Android and iOS.

So when will it come to Australia and what impact might it bring along for delivery startups here?

We are well aware of our available delivery services like Menulog, UberEats. Deliveroo, Foodora and Melbsc, but what is the future if Facebook launches its service here?

The social trend of ‘convenience food’ is certainly on the rise and bigger companies are tapping into it.

There will not be any financial impact from this.

According to Techcrunch, Facebook confirmed that it doesn’t charge any fees, or share in any portion of the profits from the orders placed via its social network.

This is great news for the other companies and users alike.

Maybe now we can finally get Maccas delivered to every corner of our suburbs.

As to when will this come to Australia, we can’t give it an estimate but most things take a while to finally reach the down under.

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Facebook launches food delivery service
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