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Exclusive 61-bit Interview with the Founder of Find Fill Storage

Australian logistic startup

Find Fill Storage is a warehousing marketplace for businesses looking to find short or long-term storage for palletised goods and warehouse operators looking to fill their warehouse. The platform was built to fill the need for on-demand warehousing across Australia. Giving users the ability to search, send quotes and schedule movements all via the Find Fill storage platform.

Q and A with Blake Weston and 61-bit

Q: I want to talk more about the sort of industry “Space as a Service or SaaS” that the business is in now because I think it was only five years ago, there were about 300 sort of co-working spaces in the world. Now, there’s over 6,000. So why are we seeing this massive shift in the way that people work and think about space

A: This is definitely an area that I am interested in, there has been a massive shift in workspaces around the world. Find Fill Storage is a different kind of space to palletised storage, I started Find Fill Storage to give businesses access to space for palletised goods with no lock-in contracts and the ability to manage the whole process with the tools available via our easy to use platform. This gives businesses the ability to manage stock overflow, seasonal sales or just want to have their stock managed for them to focus on what they do best. However, more and more customers are also asking me about square metered space and I do find warehouses have a combination of both palletised space and square meter space available for business that needs space for oversized goods. We are currently working to offer square meter space in the near future.

Q: When an entrepreneur is getting started, they wonder whether they should have a co-founder and how that should work. What’s your advice on choosing a good business partner?

A: Go with someone you trust. If you can find someone who shares the same passion and understands the outcome of what you’re aiming to achieve then I think it’s definitely helpful to have someone else on board. This gives you someone to bounce off and help with the tough decisions.  

Q: Businesses are becoming easier and easier to start today, right? With technology and so on. So just for the entrepreneurs reading this who have an idea, they want to put it into place, what sort of market validation do you think any entrepreneur should go through before they launch a business and how did you do yours? What process do you think an entrepreneur with an early stage idea should go through before sort of putting the foot on the accelerator

A: Yes businesses are easier than ever to start today, we also now have access to data and tools that are free or very inexpensive. I found that you need to make use of them early to do the research and plan your idea. Once I knew how to help and solve the issues  businesses face with storage not only the cost but also resources allocated away from their core business operations, I then put my foot on the accelerator and bought my idea into reality by working with great team of developers and business owners that shared their issues of storage of goods.

Q: What’s your advice to a startup about defining what their culture is? Is it something you consciously decide or does it just happen?

A: Culture to me is what you say, how you say it and how often you say it – and following through with aligned actions.  Getting the right people on the bus to start with would be my advice and surrounding yourself with positive attitudes. Startups are challenging, particularly during the bootstrap stage, where every decision can make or break you – but by having good people around you who have been through the experience, you benefit from their learnings and insight.

Q: It seems like many entrepreneurs way of thinking is that the only businesses they believe are scalable are only technology-driven companies. Whereas this business can prove that it doesn’t have to be. So when you look at that, what other industries or sectors are you most excited about right now that you think an awesome opportunity for disruption in new businesses?

A: There are a lot of technology companies that have scaled fast over years, becoming some of the largest in the world overtaking 50 and 100-year-old companies in under 20 years.

There are many industries that I am excited about, apart from the logistics and warehousing industry that Find Fill Storage operates in. It would be the agriculture sector where there are currently amazing projects happening around the world to improve food security and the efficiency of the production and distribution process.

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Exclusive 61-bit Interview with the Founder of Find Fill Storage
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