Cryptocurrency mining extensions have no place on Google chrome web store anymore

Google is on a banning spree. Just months after banning all crypto related advertisements, crypto mining extensions will be banned this time.

The announcement was made yesterday; Chrome Web Store will no longer accept extensions that mine cryptocurrency.

All existing extensions that mine cryptocurrency will be delisted from the Chrome Web Store in late June.

Fret not; this is not a crackdown on crypto related extensions, other extensions with blockchain-related purposes other than mining will continue to be permitted in the Web Store.

So why the crackdown?

According to Google, there has been a rise in malicious extensions that appear to provide useful functionality on the surface, while embedding hidden cryptocurrency mining scripts that run in the background without the user’s consent.

These ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ often consume significant CPU resources, and can severely impact system performance and power consumption. Such snakes.

Chrome mining extensions were initially given the green light as long as their intention is pure and the user is informed about the mining behaviour.

With every nice thing given to society, there will be ones with bad intention.

Approximately 90% of all extensions with mining scripts that developers have attempted to upload to Chrome Web Store have failed to comply with these policies

So because of these, we are all punished.

This is done to protect the users; malicious software developers are attempting to abuse the platform at the expense of users, especially with many who are not part of this crypto trend.

Hence, Google is stepping in to protect their users.

A real issue

This is definitely a real issue.

In February, a cryptocurrency mining malware was happily getting busy on UK and US government computers.

TechCrunch reported that over 4000 computers were affected. Hacking into Browsealoud, which helps people with dyslexia or low English comprehension to use the web easier, the malware mining crypto without consent.

Another report by stated that 400,000 computers were affected by malware that mines crypto as well with Russia being hit the hardest.

The report goes on to say that such viruses are getting popular and even tapping into popular social media sites like Facebook Messenger and YouTube.

These malware software are hacking into computers and use your CPU power to mine for cryptocurrencies.

For those who are not part of this crypto trend, such reports are definitely unsettling because it seems that many that did not sign up for this are being targeted and impacted.

But it is also comforting to know bigger companies like Google is stepping in to ban this first world inconvenience.

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Cryptocurrency mining extensions have no place on Google chrome web store anymore
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