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  • Out with the Old. In with the New. Its Time to Invest in Ethereum

    Look out people! The age of Cryptocurrency is here. Ethereum has been the rising star of the cryptocurrency world. It has quickly reached the second largest digital currency in just over two years, booming in value and spurring the rise of hundreds of new rivals to bitcoin. Launched in 2015, the value of ether (Ethereum’s… Read more »

  • Appen acquires Leapforce for $105 million

    Appen is taking over the world, this time acquiring their competitor, US-based Leapforce for $105.3 million. This will take the ASX-listed company to another level. According to The Australian Financial Review, the deal is made up of 80 percent cash and 20 percent equity and will be funded by a new debt facility of $72.6… Read more »

  • Cryptocurrency enters the entertainment industry, a new collaboration to look out for

    Cryptocurrency is making its way into mainstream culture. For those who keep up with technology, we are already pretty aware of cryptocurrency and the buzz around it. But for others, defining blockchain can already be a stressful moment. However, this might change with blockchain entering the entertainment industry. An ethereum funded movie already made it to… Read more »

  • Put your Boots on and get ready for Bootstrapping!

    Go F^&$ Yourself! ….and by F^&$ I mean fund. Bootstrapping your startup means growing your business with little or no venture capital or outside investment. It means relying on your own savings and revenue to operate and expand. So how do you that you may ask. Simple. Go Fund Yourself! Before you get to that… Read more »

  • 5 collaborative apps you might want to consider

    Collaboration requires communication and communication plays a vital role in determining success or failure. Especially between teams, the number of emails and text messages being sent, is there a better way to put everything together? Of course, there is, technology is always catching up on our needs. There are heaps of collaborative apps and platforms… Read more »

  • Australia’s internet speed ‘not fast’, report suggests

    Internet speed testing company Ookla has done us a valuable service by providing information about the Internet and the Internet service providers. Ranking at 56 in the world, Australia’s Internet speed is right after Guam. According to the report, Australia’s average fixed download speed during the second half of the year is 6.3% higher than… Read more »