Startup Tips

  • Exclusive 61-bit Interview with the Founder of ONTHEGO

    ONTHEGO is a creative ecosystem for custom branded apparel and accessories. The brainchild of Australian Founder and Entrepreneur, Mick Spencer, who founded the company at age 21 with a vision to connect people through the power of teamwear. Q and A with Mick Spencer and 61-bit Q) Most great entrepreneurs might dedicate their lives to one,… Read more »

  • 28-year-old entrepreneur Mick Spencer releases Book for Budding Entrepreneurs

    Mick Spencer, 28-year-old CEO and founder of custom sportswear apparel provider, ONTHEGO, has today announced the release of his first book, Start Before You’re Ready(SBYR). Published by Wiley, SBYR offers entrepreneurs an inspiring new roadmap to success – one that runs against the traditional principles of running a business. The book will be available across all national… Read more »

  • Exclusive 61-bit Interview with the Founder of Find Fill Storage

    Find Fill Storage is a warehousing marketplace for businesses looking to find short or long-term storage for palletised goods and warehouse operators looking to fill their warehouse. The platform was built to fill the need for on-demand warehousing across Australia. Giving users the ability to search, send quotes and schedule movements all via the Find… Read more »

  • Australian Businesses needs to start adding WeChat to Marketing Mix

    The following is a guest post written by David Thomas. China expert and founder and president of the Australia China SME Association. Australian businesses are still living in the dark ages by failing to include WeChat in their marketing mix.   Considered the ‘super app’, it is the largest social media app in the world and… Read more »

  • Advice on Choosing the Perfect App Name for your Startup

    The following is a guest post written by Anushka Bandara, Co-Founder of Elegant Media, a Melbourne based software company. What’s in a Name? For an App, a Lot Apps are everywhere nowadays. We use them for everything, and they’re a constant in almost everyone’s life with a variety of app names.  When they serve such essential functions,… Read more »

  • How to Build the Strongest Startup Culture within a Disruptive Ecosystem

    Strong Startup Culture 101 Startup culture has become recognised as a key element of success in a business. Having a good culture is just a start but how do you scale and drive your growth in the long-run? What exactly is a startup culture? In my experience, many millennials – particularly new graduates or other… Read more »

  • The Chinese Mantras that Changed the Way Chinese do Business

    We need to talk about China… More than fifty years ago, China was a war-torn economy, emerging from one of the most tumultuous periods in its history. Today, China is the world’s fastest developing nation, growing at rates and over the last 30 years, only second to the US as an economic superpower. China’s GDP has… Read more »

  • Tips for Startups and SMEs on Social Media from the Mountains of New Zealand

    Located in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand, Altitude Media is a team of creatives and marketers obsessed with delivering value and helping people grow their businesses online and on the ground. Wanting to do something different, the team decided to build a marketing agency in the mountains of Aotearoa.  Last week Altitude Media held a seminar in… Read more »

  • What to do when you have no motivation

    I’ll start with an obvious statement. Business is hard. And finding the motivation to do it is even harder. So here’s some advice on what to do when you have no motivation From my experience and observing other startups for several years, I have noticed a few things that I have picked on. I think… Read more »