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  • Why you should care about Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator 2.0

    Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator 2.0 is already deep on its way, and we are excited to see what the startups will achieve by the end of it. If you have not heard of this accelerator program, you should, because their previous program launched Sharesies which received $1 million in investment in just eight weeks. What is… Read more »

  • World’s first co-ownership platform is here to help you afford your avocado toast

    Kohab is the world’s first co-ownership digital platform, community and marketplace to help you find the co-owner of your dream. The unique platform helps friends, family and like-minded buyers purchase a home together, connecting them with the right property, real estate agent, legal, mortgage and insurance providers all in the one place. If you’re asking why… Read more »

  • Unicorn Factory is more than your regular freelancing directory

    Now your chance to be a unicorn. No, I’m not talking about being a billion dollar startup or being a mystical creature that exists in some minds, I’m talking about being part of this community-driven freelance directory. Unicorn Factory is a New Zealand based online directory with a mission to create a community-driven tech ecosystem…. Read more »

  • Yourdrive, the NZ car sharing startup you want to know about

    Car sharing is a thing now thanks to Yourdrive. The New Zealand based startup is dubbed as the ‘Airbnb of car rentals’, and after reading this article, you’ll understand why. Yourdrive is built on the ‘sharing economy’ model, connecting a database of car renters and car owners in their neighbourhood. So how does it work?… Read more »

  • Math Mate is here to help with their new math game app

    A Brisbane University student startup, Math Mate, launched a new math learning app ‘Do Math Good’ to help with high school algebra. This free app is the first app from Math Mate, and they hope to revolutionise the way students learn by using an engaging digital space, The digital space approach is to try and… Read more »

  • 5 startups you missed at Pause Fest

    Pause Fest 2018 was amazing, we expressed it. Here’s a list of startups that caught our attention. Vollie Vollie is here to help you make volunteering easy. We all know an online marketplace for various product and services, but Vollie is one that connects people to non-profits, charities and social enterprises for skill-based online volunteering…. Read more »

  • Get hired on the startup tech scene with these free/cheap courses

    Startups are the new rock stars. And everyone wants to work for one. Being able to work for an early-stage startup company is the perfect way to make your mark, take on a lot of responsibility, and also potentially get rich fast. Unfortunately for those who can’t tell the difference between Java, Python and Ruby,… Read more »

  • Hot-Desking Made Personal

    A few years ago, I was working for a telecommunication company and we had a hot desk open concept system in our workplace. Laying out your stuff in the morning and clearing it at the end of the day was a total pain in the arse. I hated it the trouble so much that I… Read more »

  • It is cheaper to start up in Melbourne than in Sydney, true or false?

    Suppose you’ve got your mojo going and have a brilliant idea for a new business venture. For most people, deciding where to set up a base can influence (and be influenced by) a large number of aspects, i.e. most notably, costs. With Sydney and Melbourne being the two most economically-vibrant cities in Australia, it would… Read more »

  • 5 Start Ups We’ve Got Our Eye On

    Here’s some inspiration for the weekend. There are so many startups in the world and everyone one of them is worth watching and keeping up with. But these 5 startups are making waves, and we’ve got our eyes glued to them to see what they will do next. CancerAid CancerAid, a personalised cancer patient care… Read more »