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  • Snooper raises $1 million AUD to accelerate crowdsourcing among brands and retailers

    Snooper, the crowdsourcing platform disrupting how brands and retailers collect data, announced today a AUD 1 million investment led by Microequities Venture Capital Fund to further accelerate growth in Australia. Using the Snooper platform brands and retailers can now instantly connect with their shoppers around the country by uploading paid ‘missions’ to collect in-store data…. Read more »

  • SafetyCulture revolutionises incident reporting with Spotlight

    Building on its mission to put mobile-first safety and quality applications into workers’ hands, Australian tech company SafetyCulture has unveiled a mobile incident reporting app – Spotlight. The app aims to radically improve the culture of reporting by empowering frontline teams to easily report issues in real-time from a mobile device. Incidents, near-misses and hazards… Read more »

  • SHOUTback- The new darling of Adelaide’s thriving startup scene

    Known for its lush, world-class wine-producing valleys, long pristine beaches and an eclectic Fringe Festival, Adelaide isn’t the first place many of us think of when talking of startup communities, and that’s exactly where you might be going wrong. In the last decade or so, Adelaide has seen a tremendous rise in startup activity, with… Read more »

  • New Zealand a startup ‘Utopia’, but VC’s call for more funding

    Ahhhh New Zealand- known the world over for its unstoppable national rugby team, stunning mountain ranges, beautiful lakes and vistas AND its vibrant startup ecosystem. You heard right. New Zealand’s startup community has, for the better part of two decades, consistently punched well above its weight for a country of its size. Birthing 8 unicorns in… Read more »

  • Greenbase is the kiwi startup that will elevate NZ to the ‘open banking’ movement

    This Kiwi startup is here to make payments even cheaper and faster than the internet and mobile banking that your banks offer. Greenbase is creating an infrastructure to support the ‘open banking’ trend. The infrastructure is a secure API connection to your customer’s bank accounts where you can quickly create account-to-account payments that confirm instantly… Read more »

  • AgUnity builds blockchain tech to help developing economies

    The blockchain is not exactly a new concept anymore, but the idea of creating blockchain for the greater good is still pretty fresh. But not for this Queensland agriculture tech startup. AgUnity is a blockchain based agtech startup that is creating better trust between farmers and co-operatives for developing countries and reducing inefficiency. The company… Read more »

  • Why do so many startups fail?

    Your startup will likely fail. Get used to it. But why do startups fail? The startup world is incredibly volatile and one fraught with many ups and downs, risks and huge losses and gains of potential investment and funding. In an article recently published by FastCompany titled; ‘ Why most venture-backed companies fail’, it was… Read more »

  • Sydney tradies develop shoppable photos app

    How many of us screenshot pictures on social media as a way of saving our favourite things? Why can’t you just screenshot the image, press a button and buy those exact product/s? This was the question that sparked a “light bulb” moment for 2 Sydney tradesmen when they wanted to start a side businesses selling… Read more »

  • Kiwi startup uses AI chatbot to cut customer acquisition costs

    JRNY (previously known as Bot the Builder) is your solution for optimising customer experience. The NZ based tech startup is applying the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and existing user interaction interfaces to bring you a two-way communication between companies and their customers. Better communication between the company and their customers will eliminate unwanted impacts… Read more »

  • Aussie edutech startup set to revolutionise the way we teach

    This Melbourne-based startup is making a serious mark on the EduTech community. Started in 2014 by Colin Wood, Verso Learning is a skill and training platform for teachers. The goal? To provide teachers with greater training and development to implement more effective learning programmes in their classrooms. The platform utilises high impact learning strategies as… Read more »