• Battle of the ridesharing apps, who’s your winner?

    Ridesharing is on the rise, and I’m not just talking about Uber’s surcharges on NYE. We have Uber, GoCatch and a new competitor, Taxify, who made waves for giving a discount on their launch here in Australia. Clearly, there’s a competition for the market share of this booming service, because we indulge in their services… Read more »

  • 3 golden rules to live by if you want to retain your talent

    One of the hardest things in running (and sustaining) a startup is in recruiting and retaining the right talent for your business. Competition for talent is rife, you’re probably still at a bootstrapping or crowd-funding stage, and haven’t got enough resources to hire the best talent there is (even if that’s high on your wish… Read more »

  • Ready for the payments revolution?

    The advent of digital, mobile and social media has integrated finance into the daily life of the individual in a way it never was before and given the pace of technological, commercial and regulatory change, it is impossible to guess where payments will be in the coming decades. A few broad trends, however, are likely… Read more »

  • It is cheaper to start up in Melbourne than in Sydney, true or false?

    Suppose you’ve got your mojo going and have a brilliant idea for a new business venture. For most people, deciding where to set up a base can influence (and be influenced by) a large number of aspects, i.e. most notably, costs. With Sydney and Melbourne being the two most economically-vibrant cities in Australia, it would… Read more »

  • Cryptocurrency mining joins the climate change issue

    As we all know, 2017 was pretty much dominated by the crypto world. Bitcoin’s journey kept us hooked, and other altcoins fighting for attention made it even more like the soap opera we’ve denied that we loved. However, as I was doing my usual digging on cryptocurrency, I realised that I’d used much of my… Read more »

  • A basic marketing guide to start the year with

    You’ve created a new company, that’s great! But how do you plan to create a customer base? And how will you make an impact in your industry? Gaining traction is difficult, and it is the reason why 90% of startups still fail today. Marketing can also be overwhelming, especially if you are a new startup… Read more »

  • It Pays to Avoid these Mistakes During Startup Fundraising. Literally.

    So you think you’re a hot-shot entrepreneur who’s come up with a unique idea. Well, hate to tell you this but: you are not the only one. Every year, every day thousands, if not millions of entrepreneurs come up with business ideas. Some brilliant and other not so much. If you are one of them, you… Read more »

  • The BNPL Mentality: The rise of zipPay and Afterpay

    BNPL. The “Buy Now and Pay Later” mentality. I’m sure we’ve all been there before. I’ve certainly, most definitely been there. Wanting to buy that sweet-ass gaming desktop, rigged with the latest graphics card (GEFORCE GTX 1080 TI of course) and hardware but didn’t have enough money? Feeling disappointed and sorry for yourself? While now… Read more »

  • How Amazon Australia will Impact Australia’s e-commerce Industry

    After announcing its incoming arrival to Australia, Amazon has earned a reputation for being ‘the worst possible corporate citizen’. It is now being called by names like ‘Attila the Hun’, ‘a parasite’, ‘who pays no tax’ or ‘sends everyone broke’. Why is it so? Is it the so-called happy consumers or the retailers who are… Read more »

  • To Incubate, or to Accelerate: That is the question.

    To be, or not to be: that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer. Hamlet What’s a quote from Hamlet got to do with business and startups?  His only business was to kill and take revenge against some dude. Well, as Hamlet was over thinking and wavering between two different extremes: life and… Read more »