• Burgerlove X Cryptocurrency, a tasty collaboration

    The crypto trend is slowly creeping into our lives and trying to become evident in every aspect of our lives. This time, you can use crypto to get burgers. I’m all for it. Melbourne’s own burger chain, Burgerlove is now accepting the digital currency, XEM, making them the first fast food restaurant to jump on the crypto… Read more »

  • We attended Pause Fest 2018, and we loved it.

    If you missed Pause Fest 2018, you really missed out. Get ready for some major FOMO. The theme this year was ‘Journey = Destination’, and you’ll be chucked into the future and back during the three days.  Talking about tech and beyond This year the speakers were on another level. Speakers from NASA, IBM, Amazon,… Read more »

  • Aussie blockchain startup Power Ledger partners with US to set up renewable energy trading projects

    Australian blockchain-based energy company, Power Ledger partnered with US clean energy not-for-profit Helpanswers to bring peer-to-peer renewable energy trading to North America. The partnership will focus on hundreds of potential projects, covering over 50 Megawatt solar and 50 Megawatt Hour energy storage. The projects will begin in top renewable markets like Texas, Chicago to Washington,… Read more »

  • Hatch Quarter launches Playbook just for international founders

    International entrepreneurs are getting the support they deserved. Co-working hub Hatch Quarter is setting up events and a playbook to support first-generation refugee and migrant entrepreneurs in Victoria.  Meetup events are the first phase of action. InterPreneur meetups aim to build a supportive community for the international people in Australia. It is set up to… Read more »

  • Amazon Vs Alibaba and Taobao

    It’s time to set eyes on the battleground since this e-commerce war is worth witnessing. Amazon and the Alibaba Group are battling against each other to win the crown for the leader of the global e-commerce market. Amazon laid the cornerstone in 1995 as an online bookstore whereas Alibaba came in 1999, nearly five years after… Read more »

  • Order-In Acquired By Rocket Internet

    The Growth of Order-In Order-In, Australia’s leading online corporate catering provider, today announced that it entered into a definitive agreement under which Rocket Internet has acquired Order-In for an undisclosed figure. Launched in Sydney in 2000 with just a handful of carefully selected office caterers, Order-In has grown exponentially in the corporate space, offering high-quality… Read more »

  • Hot-Desking Made Personal

    A few years ago, I was working for a telecommunication company and we had a hot desk open concept system in our workplace. Laying out your stuff in the morning and clearing it at the end of the day was a total pain in the arse. I hated it the trouble so much that I… Read more »

  • You can now spend your cryptocurrency at Brisbane airport

    Brisbane Airport (BNE) is partnering with TravelbyBit to launch the world-first digital currency airport terminal. TravelbyBit is a Brisbane tech startup designing tourist routes and provide selected providers with their very own point-of-sale digital currency payment platform. With that, now you can use your cryptocurrencies for your shopping at individual retailers, such as Botanist, Spoon,… Read more »

  • The fall of cryptocurrrency and the rise of regulations

    Regulations are set in our daily lives. There specific laws in each country and most are there to protect us. Street lights are telling us when to cross or not to cross. Or driving over a certain speed limit endangers people and thus speed limits exist. These regulations make sense and are there to serve… Read more »

  • New online mall to spend your cryptocurrency at, thanks MegaX

    Millennials, get your bitcoin wallets ready because an online mall just introduced cryptocurrency payment. Singapore-based MegaX introduces first-of-its-kind global online mall targeted at millennials, MegaX. A partnership between iFashion Group and MC Payment, MegaX was launched after raising USD2.5M from token sales. MGX coins and other cryptocurrencies will be used for transactions, allowing the crypto-savvy… Read more »