• LaunchVic is placing $2.9 million into upskilling the Victorian startup community

    Startup community’s best friend LaunchVic has announced a whopping $2.9 million to support education for founders and entrepreneurs across various topics. This fund is going directly to service providers; these service providers are aimed at better educating the startup community for them to grow and be in their top form. Sixteen services provided has been… Read more »

  • This NZ startup is here to make cryptocurrency investing simple for you

    New Zealand-based FinTech startup Ilumony is the online financial services and robo-advice company that is here to help make financial advice easily accessible, and they have moved towards cryptocurrency investing.  Using technology and experiences in financial and investment advice, Founder/CEO Rachel Strevens and co-founder Abhy Singla have created a platform that anyone can access and… Read more »

  • Twitter may join the cryptocurrency ads banning spree

    Have you seen lesser cryptocurrency related ads on your social media? There’s a reason for this. Cryptocurrency ads are slowly being banned on our ad spaces, this can be a good thing for you crypto non-believers, or you’re an ad block advocate. Facebook started this as a new year resolution and banned the ads on… Read more »

  • Why you should care about Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator 2.0

    Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator 2.0 is already deep on its way, and we are excited to see what the startups will achieve by the end of it. If you have not heard of this accelerator program, you should, because their previous program launched Sharesies which received $1 million in investment in just eight weeks. What is… Read more »

  • World’s first co-ownership platform is here to help you afford your avocado toast

    Kohab is the world’s first co-ownership digital platform, community and marketplace to help you find the co-owner of your dream. The unique platform helps friends, family and like-minded buyers purchase a home together, connecting them with the right property, real estate agent, legal, mortgage and insurance providers all in the one place. If you’re asking why… Read more »

  • Aussie actor Nick Slater’s social media startup hits a milestone

    Sydney based social media startup Captiona reached 50,000 users and is making it free for download this March. Why should you be excited about this? Captiona solves a very genuine first world problem. Ever struggled with a fun, creative caption for your Instagram photos? Can’t decide which pun to use or which vibe to have… Read more »

  • The world’s first dedicated Web 3.0 hub and it is in Melbourne

    York Butter Factory (YBF) in Melbourne is on a winning streak. This time, launching the world’s first dedicated Web 3.0 hub: YBF Mesh. YBF Mesh will be located in their new 3100 square-meter headquarter right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. YBF believes that the web’s next major shift will be towards a decentralised web, Web 3.0…. Read more »

  • Unicorn Factory is more than your regular freelancing directory

    Now your chance to be a unicorn. No, I’m not talking about being a billion dollar startup or being a mystical creature that exists in some minds, I’m talking about being part of this community-driven freelance directory. Unicorn Factory is a New Zealand based online directory with a mission to create a community-driven tech ecosystem…. Read more »

  • Bank of Queensland collaborating with River City Labs to drive innovation

    Bank of Queensland is collaborating with Brisbane premier startup hub, River City Labs. The two-year corporate partnership is done with a mission to grow and support the fintech and startup communities in Queensland. The collaboration will benefit both parties in various ways. There will be an open door approach to this collaboration, giving River City… Read more »

  • Math Mate is here to help with their new math game app

    A Brisbane University student startup, Math Mate, launched a new math learning app ‘Do Math Good’ to help with high school algebra. This free app is the first app from Math Mate, and they hope to revolutionise the way students learn by using an engaging digital space, The digital space approach is to try and… Read more »