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  • Hot-Desking Made Personal

    A few years ago, I was working for a telecommunication company and we had a hot desk open concept system in our workplace. Laying out your stuff in the morning and clearing it at the end of the day was a total pain in the arse. I hated it the trouble so much that I… Read more »

  • 20 quotes to inspire your 2018 resolutions

    2017 was a year that brought along interesting changes. Trump officially sworn in as the 45th US President, same-sex marriage was legalised in Australia, rising tensions between North Korea and the US raised to new levels, and bitcoin prices got on to a new level too. As we move well into the New Year and… Read more »

  • Canva is Unicorn status after latest funding round

    The graphic design app startup Canva joined the ranks of Uber, Airbnb and fellow Australian startup Atlassian as the latest Unicorn, and is the second tech startup in Australia to join the unicorn rank. A US$ 40 million funding by Sequoia China and existing investors Blackbird Ventures and Felicis Ventures, brought Canva to this level…. Read more »

  • Indigenous Women in Business giving us #mondaymotivation goals

    The gender disparity in tech is now a well-documented problem. Worldwide, for every seven men in tech, there are roughly only three women. Lately, a senior engineer at Google got fired after his tirade against equity initiatives, suggesting that somehow women are ‘naturally’ unsuited to programming. For women of colour, the statistics are even worse…. Read more »

  • Podcasts you should listen or you’ll lose out

    One trait all successful entrepreneurs have in common is constant self-education. There are plenty of free resources available to help grow a startup such as articles, eBooks, infographics, and webinars. However, another popular, and sometimes forgotten, type of content which is easy to consume is podcasts. Podcasts are great for busy professionals with limited time,… Read more »

  • Bitcoin. Everything you need to know about its mysterious origins

    Recently, the value of Bitcoin has soared in recent months, reaching the $10,000 mark this year. Increasing exponentially throughout the years with surprising speed. Giving almost 650% return in one year and by now you must be kicking yourself in the foot if you haven’t already invested. How did this craze of cryptocurrencies come about and… Read more »

  • The Man Who Lost $70 billion and still a Billionaire: Masayoshi Son

    The Man Who Lost $70bn And Is Still A Billionaire: Masayoshi Son “When I lost 99 percent of what I made, I could feel the joy of work again. I actually became happy after losing 99 percent. I could understand the value of money again” said Masayoshi Son, Japan’s richest man and SoftBank’s CEO while… Read more »