• National Agtech Startup Competition to be held in Queensland – Apply Now!

    A national Agtech startup competition is being held in Queensland in November to crown the ‘Agripreneur of the Year’, with the winner moving on to compete on a global stage… The Future Agro Challenge Australia (FAC) is holding an agtech startup competition at the end of this year for applicants who are seeking to build and represent Australia in a global… Read more »

  • How to Change your Marketing Strategies to Resonate on a Global Scale.

    How Marketing Strategies has to Change for Globalisation Over the past decade, the world has changed dramatically and along with its marketing strategies. Globalisation by no means is a new phenomenon and some may argue that the Mongols in Asia were responsible for international trade and influence. Others believe the World Wars drew the globe… Read more »

  • This Australian Startup helps People with Autism find Employment

    About 1 in 70 people in Australia live with a form of autism. The disability charity A4 estimates that 65% of people with autism are not employed – almost 12 times the rate of people without disability, that’s around 130,000 Australians. To tackle this problem, the Australian startup Xceptional is on a mission to change these… Read more »

  • Momentum builds in Dunedin’s Start-up ecosystem

    The Dunedin City Council’s Economic Development Committee today approved $150,000 to support the development of the local start-up ecosystem during 2018/19. The decision reflects confidence in the work of the Startup Dunedin Trust, local co-working spaces such as Innov8HQ and Petridish, businesses and stakeholders over the last eighteen months. Chris Staynes, Chair of the Dunedin… Read more »

  • We are in the midst of Industry 4.0 and here’s what you need to know

    The fourth industrial revolution is well on its way, and we are in the midst of it. We are aware of the first, second and third industrial revolution and the advancement that it has brought us. The fourth industrial revolution, also known as industry 4.0, is the evolution of what we call ‘smart factory’. If you’ve… Read more »

  • Massive open online courses may be the key to disruption readiness

    The education sector is due for a disruption, a technological disruption. And startups are heading that change. We have talked about edutech in our previous article analysing the change that the digital age is bringing into the education sector. “The years 2004-2011 saw a 70% rise in private investment for EduTech development globally, signalling the beginnings of a… Read more »

  • Canva acquiring Zeetings shows more than just their success

    Canva has made waves again, this time with an acquisition. With a mission to ‘put an end to death by Powerpoint’, they’ve acquired online interactive presentation tool Zeetings for an undisclosed amount. The staff of Zeetings will join the Canva team and create a power team to disrupt the design industry. This comes right after… Read more »

  • New Zealand a startup ‘Utopia’, but VC’s call for more funding

    Ahhhh New Zealand- known the world over for its unstoppable national rugby team, stunning mountain ranges, beautiful lakes and vistas AND its vibrant startup ecosystem. You heard right. New Zealand’s startup community has, for the better part of two decades, consistently punched well above its weight for a country of its size. Birthing 8 unicorns in… Read more »

  • EduTech paves the way to a brighter future for our students

    Classroom teaching methods had remained much the same for centuries; Students would come to class, sit down at a desk facing the front of the room, pull out their books and listen to the teacher’s every word. This is the way it was- a simple, effective way of getting students to learn by listening, and… Read more »