• Pornstar Brett Rossi explains Ethereum to the internet because…Reddit.

    Anyone remember late 2017, when you couldn’t walk into a hotel lobby, or a gym locker room, NAY! Even a douchey cocktail bar without hearing a bunch of ‘bros’ trying to out-do each other on how much each one knew about cryptocurrency? I certainly do. And, though the hype and excitement around Crypto may have… Read more »

  • Cryptocurrency mining extensions have no place on Google chrome web store anymore

    Google is on a banning spree. Just months after banning all crypto related advertisements, crypto mining extensions will be banned this time. The announcement was made yesterday; Chrome Web Store will no longer accept extensions that mine cryptocurrency. All existing extensions that mine cryptocurrency will be delisted from the Chrome Web Store in late June…. Read more »

  • This NZ startup is here to make cryptocurrency investing simple for you

    New Zealand-based FinTech startup Ilumony is the online financial services and robo-advice company that is here to help make financial advice easily accessible, and they have moved towards cryptocurrency investing.  Using technology and experiences in financial and investment advice, Founder/CEO Rachel Strevens and co-founder Abhy Singla have created a platform that anyone can access and… Read more »

  • Twitter may join the cryptocurrency ads banning spree

    Have you seen lesser cryptocurrency related ads on your social media? There’s a reason for this. Cryptocurrency ads are slowly being banned on our ad spaces, this can be a good thing for you crypto non-believers, or you’re an ad block advocate. Facebook started this as a new year resolution and banned the ads on… Read more »

  • Blockchain games because we have it now

    If you are like me, the term blockchain can bring in mild anxiety, because it’s a new technology and you feel the need to be well versed with it or its just too much and you’re still figuring out the iPhone X interface. Blockchain, bitcoin, big words, so much going on and that’s pretty much… Read more »

  • Burgerlove X Cryptocurrency, a tasty collaboration

    The crypto trend is slowly creeping into our lives and trying to become evident in every aspect of our lives. This time, you can use crypto to get burgers. I’m all for it. Melbourne’s own burger chain, Burgerlove is now accepting the digital currency, XEM, making them the first fast food restaurant to jump on the crypto… Read more »

  • You can now spend your cryptocurrency at Brisbane airport

    Brisbane Airport (BNE) is partnering with TravelbyBit to launch the world-first digital currency airport terminal. TravelbyBit is a Brisbane tech startup designing tourist routes and provide selected providers with their very own point-of-sale digital currency payment platform. With that, now you can use your cryptocurrencies for your shopping at individual retailers, such as Botanist, Spoon,… Read more »

  • The fall of cryptocurrrency and the rise of regulations

    Regulations are set in our daily lives. There specific laws in each country and most are there to protect us. Street lights are telling us when to cross or not to cross. Or driving over a certain speed limit endangers people and thus speed limits exist. These regulations make sense and are there to serve… Read more »