• What to do when you have no motivation

    I’ll start with an obvious statement. Business is hard. And finding the motivation to do it is even harder. So here’s some advice on what to do when you have no motivation From my experience and observing other startups for several years, I have noticed a few things that I have picked on. I think… Read more »

  • Key Tips and Ideas from an Accidental Founder

    An Overview Looking back, I became a founder of a startup tech company by accident. At that time I was on my way to becoming a pharmacist and a toxicologist. In my final years at university, I was set out, ready to go out in the world and find a job with my relevant qualification…. Read more »

  • The gender pay gap still exist in 2018, why?

    It is International Women’s day.  We all know many inspiring women around our startup community, and how can we appreciate them and show our support? While we want to send them cute texts and appreciation stories, there’s something more that we all can do.  We’ve been bombarded by retail stores to show appreciation by buying… Read more »

  • The BNPL Mentality: The rise of zipPay and Afterpay

    BNPL. The “Buy Now and Pay Later” mentality. I’m sure we’ve all been there before. I’ve certainly, most definitely been there. Wanting to buy that sweet-ass gaming desktop, rigged with the latest graphics card (GEFORCE GTX 1080 TI of course) and hardware but didn’t have enough money? Feeling disappointed and sorry for yourself? While now… Read more »

  • Outsource or in-house, let’s discuss

    This can be the age-old question when you start a startup, should I have the whole team ready for every aspect of my company? That may be the dream, but in reality, it might be too costly to hire a full team. From a startup perspective, allocating funds is crucial in the early stages; a… Read more »

  • Diversity is important, let’s discuss

    Diversity in the workplace Diversity is a well-discussed topic in every industry. Even with all that discussion, the topic doesn’t seem to cease. Diversity is such a board term as well covering race, gender, age and more. In the recent Startup Muster report, it does show that there is diversity in our startup ecosystem. Women… Read more »