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  • Why Hiring the Right Employees is Important

    Why is it so important to ensure that you’re hiring the right employees? Does it really matter all that much? Why can’t I just hire my best friend? Well, your employees are your biggest asset, regardless of what industry you’re in. They are the essential cog in the ever-moving machine. No business could operate successfully,… Read more »

  • Fintech industry has the most number of founders, report says

    A detailed report of the Australian startup ecosystem is mapped out by Startup Muster annual report 2017 that was released yesterday. The survey was done over six weeks and is claimed to be the “largest survey of the Australian startup ecosystem.” The final statistical sample for this report consists of 567 verified startup founders, 226… Read more »

  • Put your Boots on and get ready for Bootstrapping!

    Go F^&$ Yourself! ….and by F^&$ I mean fund. Bootstrapping your startup means growing your business with little or no venture capital or outside investment. It means relying on your own savings and revenue to operate and expand. So how do you that you may ask. Simple. Go Fund Yourself! Before you get to that… Read more »

  • Facebook launches food delivery service

    Facebook is stepping up its game again. They announced a food delivery service via the Facebook app. According to Facebook, ordering food for takeout or delivery is somehow complicated. My sentiments exactly, choosing between the three apps I have can sometimes be very challenging. They state this can be made simpler by doing it directly… Read more »

  • Fintech startup Finch raised $2.25 million in just three months into launch

    Fintech startup Finch, “a financial app for your social life” raised $2.25million in seed funding in just three months after its launch. The app that is catered towards millennials, has the vision to be the number one financial platform for them. In a #humblebrag article on their website, Finch was selected one of eight spots… Read more »

  • Blockchain made it to Hollywood with world’s first ethereum funded movie

    The Pitts Circus is the first ever ethereum funded movie. The movie, classified as a horror-comedy, centres on an Australian Circus family. It shows the day-to-day struggles of this circus family as they travel, with a modern twist. The twist? Having problems with their hardware wallet. The movie is set in a time where blockchain… Read more »

  • Victorian startups raised $750 million over past five years, report says

    A combined total of $750 million has been raised by Victorian startups over the last five years, according to LaunchVic. The report, completed by dandolpartners, examined 510 seed, angel and venture capital raises for 385 Victorian startups and scaleups. The information was gathered from public data sources including Crunchbase, AngelList, media releases, publicised portfolios of… Read more »

  • The Bitcoin conversation is not over yet

    Bitcoin is the buzzword lately, circulating the air like the pollens in spring. It is not breaking news, as bitcoin has been the conversation among the business community for a while. Lately, the conversation is getting more attention. According to Google Trends, the interest on bitcoin is the highest this year. Let’s explore some of… Read more »

  • Australian fintech industry grows out of infancy, major research report suggests

    Australia’s financial technology (fintech) industry is flourishing according to the 2017 EY FinTech Australia Census. The findings were based on various research methods, including a survey done by 166 members in the industry. According to the findings, median revenue rose to $95,000 a month from $30,000 a month last year. Twenty-four percent of all fintech… Read more »