• Is the blockchain a part of the solution?

    Our worldwide health systems in low-income countries are in serious strife. We need to look no further than the hard medical facts to see that healthcare systems are failing third world countries on so many levels due to disease, illness and poorly available healthcare. This is resulting in a huge loss of lives in many… Read more »

  • AgUnity builds blockchain tech to help developing economies

    The blockchain is not exactly a new concept anymore, but the idea of creating blockchain for the greater good is still pretty fresh. But not for this Queensland agriculture tech startup. AgUnity is a blockchain based agtech startup that is creating better trust between farmers and co-operatives for developing countries and reducing inefficiency. The company… Read more »

  • Kiwi startup revolutionises payments using NEM blockchain

    This NZ-based startup is giving you a choice to make a difference every time you pay. Choice is a new way to pay in New Zealand that reduces and redistributes transaction fees for businesses, giving those savings to Kiwi charities of your choice. So basically merchants will have lower transaction cost, and you as the… Read more »

  • $12 million just went into CryptoKitties

    CryptoKitties received US$ 12 million in funding because they are clearly worth it. The viral sensation that was launch last year had been gaining attention from all who are interested in blockchain and technology. The investment was led by Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures, who have also backed companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Coinbase…. Read more »

  • The world’s first dedicated Web 3.0 hub and it is in Melbourne

    York Butter Factory (YBF) in Melbourne is on a winning streak. This time, launching the world’s first dedicated Web 3.0 hub: YBF Mesh. YBF Mesh will be located in their new 3100 square-meter headquarter right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. YBF believes that the web’s next major shift will be towards a decentralised web, Web 3.0…. Read more »

  • Blockchain games because we have it now

    If you are like me, the term blockchain can bring in mild anxiety, because it’s a new technology and you feel the need to be well versed with it or its just too much and you’re still figuring out the iPhone X interface. Blockchain, bitcoin, big words, so much going on and that’s pretty much… Read more »

  • Aussie blockchain startup Power Ledger partners with US to set up renewable energy trading projects

    Australian blockchain-based energy company, Power Ledger partnered with US clean energy not-for-profit Helpanswers to bring peer-to-peer renewable energy trading to North America. The partnership will focus on hundreds of potential projects, covering over 50 Megawatt solar and 50 Megawatt Hour energy storage. The projects will begin in top renewable markets like Texas, Chicago to Washington,… Read more »