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  • Independent Reserve rolls out KPMG Crypto Tax Estimator in world first

    KPMG Australia and Independent Reserve, the largest Australian cryptocurrency exchange, today announced the launch of a new tool to help the traders of cryptocurrencies better understand their crypto tax liabilities. The Crypto Tax Estimator developed by KPMG is a digital tool that plugs directly into Independent Reserve’s user interface, allowing traders to estimate tax obligations… Read more »

  • Bit Trade partners with Aussie entrepreneurial training provider mnm Institute

    Australia’s longest standing digital currency exchange, Bit Trade, has announced a partnership with leading entrepreneurial training provider mnm institute, to help educate and open up the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to entrepreneurs. The cornerstone collaboration is part of a broader ecosystem initiative to connect startup hubs, incubators, accelerator programs, and formal and informal education… Read more »

  • Independent Reserve debuts in the Australian Financial Review Fast Starters List 2018

    Independent Reserve has become the first cryptocurrency exchange in Australia to debut in the Australian Financial Review’s Fast Starters List, coming in at 17th position with a total revenue of $9.67 million reported for the 2017-18 financial year. The Financial Review’s annual list recognises the 100 fastest growing startup businesses in Australia, based on revenue… Read more »

  • Kiwi Dev Achieves Bitcoin Transaction without using the Web or Power-grid

    It might be possible one day to achieve Bitcoin transactions from literally anywhere in the world, with no internet connection and no electricity. Off-grid cryptocurrency transaction seems to be becoming a reality as yet another developer has managed to send Bitcoin without a data connection, using only low-cost consumer grade hardware. An ingenious developer from New Zealand… Read more »

  • Blockchain Hub set to launch in Melbourne by the Foundation

    The Foundation has set its sights on expanding Australia’s thriving blockchain ecosystem by launching a new blockchain hub in Melbourne. The new hub in Melbourne will serve as a central location for blockchain innovation where dedicated NEM representatives will be present to engage with both the public and members of the community to help… Read more »

  • 5 Governments Backing Blockchain Projects around the World

    Ever since the blockchain and cryptocurrency became a giant mainstream topic at the end of last year, there has been a massive upward trend for governments backing blockchain projects. Now the general feeling towards blockchain technology has changed from a question of “if” to “when”. It seems as though 2018 has been the year of… Read more »

  • Why blockchain is gaining momentum in business

    This week signalled yet another milestone in Australia made possible by blockchain technology. The Commonwealth Bank and its partners successfully shipped and tracked 17 tonnes of almonds from Australia to Germany in a private blockchain trial. Rail operator Pacific National, agriculture leader Olam Orchards Australia, stevedore Patrick Terminals, shipping carrier OOCL, internet of things provider LX… Read more »

  • Is the blockchain a part of the solution?

    Our worldwide health systems in low-income countries are in serious strife. We need to look no further than the hard medical facts to see that healthcare systems are failing third world countries on so many levels due to disease, illness and poorly available healthcare. This is resulting in a huge loss of lives in many… Read more »