Catch up with Crypto: All the coins are coming out to play

This week on Catch up with Crypto, nothing too major happened this week except that all the coins are making a name for themselves.


A bunch of new altcoins will be added to Coinbase’s platform.

So, mainstream cryptocurrency like bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum is going to have to share the space with the alternative coins.

According to ABC, this move will make it more accessible for Aussies to invest.

So basically, anyone with a credit card and a phone will be able to invest.

Just like Spotify, Coinbase is giving access to more people to more cryptocurrencies.

So bring out your credit card and whatever phone you are using, because it just got easier to access these altcoins.


Via Coindesk.

Bitcoin is going strong as usual.

Passing US$19 000 this time, setting a new high for itself.


Following after the crypto kin, bitcoin, Ethereum price is peaking as well.

Reaching an all-time high pass US$750, it was reported that it went up by 20% in just a day.

Via Coindesk.


Litecoin ain’t playing cool too.

Litecoin outperformed bitcoin this year, with an 8000 percent increase in price.

Via Coinmarketcap.


All the crypto prices seem to be going strong, but what does 2018 holds, we just got to wait.

Heaps of articles being pumped out to predict the changes in these prices, but can we really predict what’s going to happen?

I mean, they are so volatile and largely influenced by big players and investors.

How do I even buy cryptocurrencies 
Catch up with Crypto: All the coins are coming out to play
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How do I even buy cryptocurrencies