Aussie actor Nick Slater’s social media startup hits a milestone

Sydney based social media startup Captiona reached 50,000 users and is making it free for download this March.

Why should you be excited about this?

Captiona solves a very genuine first world problem.

Ever struggled with a fun, creative caption for your Instagram photos? Can’t decide which pun to use or which vibe to have for the caption?

If the name was not obvious enough, Captiona was designed to quickly connect users to an extensive library of suggestions, aimed at matching a post and personality; saving time, decision making and energy while increasing engagement.

You are not the only with such struggles; this is a common problem for Instagram’s 800 million users. Instagram has the highest drop-off rate when users reach the ‘write a caption’ screen.

I mean we don’t want to waste the effort and time you’ve put in for that photo and filters and edits you’ve picked out.

The app was created and launched last year by Aussie actor Nick Slater.

He decided to leap tech after suffering an extreme case of this relatable ‘creative blockage-itis’.

Using the same concept adopted by Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama, Captiona is helping you avoid decision fatigue. Both leaders in their fields wear the same outfit each day to eliminate unnecessary decision making, freeing their creative brain space for more critical tasks.

According to Quora, the average adult makes over 35,000 conscious decisions each day. Productivity suffers as a result of becoming mentally exhausted from making so many irrelevant decisions.

A very real problem for most of us, so why not use the power of technology to help us with that.

“Captiona eases the pressure of writing something creative with every post; it’s also perfect if you just need a hit of inspiration to get those caption ideas flowing,” said Slater.

Slater relates to the everyday us as well, the pressure of writing that creative, clever caption all the time. Not all of us are blessed with the way of the words, so it is perfectly fine to tap into the talent of others.

When creative blockage-itis strikes, you simply use the Captiona drop-down selections and type in a content word related to your post.

The app then provides a list of suggestions where you can copy/paste the option most suitable to your style and personality, then continue with your posting.

And there are heaps of users, reaching 50,000 users download in over 177 countries with zero marketing budget spent.

That just shows the severity of the issue and the solution that Captiona brings.

Slater is hoping to add more features eventually and hoping to raise fund as well.

Captiona is a subscription base, and it is only one dollar a month and many hours saved from decision fatigue.

The iOS Captiona App is available for free download in the Apple App Store for all of March.

The Android version is currently under development and will be launched later this year.

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Aussie actor Nick Slater’s social media startup hits a milestone
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