Burgerlove X Cryptocurrency, a tasty collaboration

The crypto trend is slowly creeping into our lives and trying to become evident in every aspect of our lives. This time, you can use crypto to get burgers. I’m all for it. Melbourne’s own burger chain, Burgerlove is now accepting the digital currency, XEM, making them the first fast food restaurant to jump on the crypto trend.

I mean crypto holders need burgers too hey? Now, you can spend your XEM and buy one of their gourmet burgers at their South Melbourne branch.

This not only benefits the crypto users but everyone because a new burger was created because of this launch. They already have heaps of options for everyone, but one more won’t hurt anyone hey?

The NEM Burger which is a soft burger bun with noodle crusted fried chicken fillet, egg, mozzarella sticks, cheese, chipotle and BBQ sauce.

Here’s a picture to excite you.


It’s on the Burgerlove regular menu for 23 XEMs or approximately AUD$16. 

Burgerlove’s Head of Marketing and Branding Steve Agi said Cryptocurrencies are the future of trade.

“It is a fascinating concept that our clientele is already on board with and we’re ready to stop watching from sidelines,” he said.

“We’re giving our customers the freedom to pay with a currency of their choice, which is telling of how we like to approach customer experience at Burger Love.” 

Fret not, they will be accepting other coins like bitcoin and lite coin. But XEM is their choice for a pretty good reason.

XEMs are environmentally friendly as there is no “mining” involved like Bitcoin. It is definitely nice to see that being considered since there are concerns about cryptocurrencies’ environmental effect. 

It is also secure with built-in spam protection that manages to shut down spammers without taking down the entire network and has a standalone wallet you can download on your phone or computer. 

XEM is the digital currency of blockchain technology platform NEM. Foundation is a not for profit working to promote the benefits of the NEM blockchain technology to Australian businesses.

Australia and New Zealand Director of Jason Lee said this partnership showed how blockchain and crypto could be applied to everyday life.   

“Australians are familiar with Bitcoin, but less so when it comes to other digital currencies like XEM. Associating with something people love, like food, will help integrate it into the economy more broadly and drive consumer engagement.”

Making payments with XEM is easy, literally just a scanning a QR code on a receiving NEM wallet. 

Via Facebook.

 “To say we’re excited to be working with the team at NEM is an understatement, this is only the beginning, look out for what’s to come with more exciting burger concepts, fun events and lots of learning and maybe even a few burgers for all,” Agi added. 

Well, there you have it, more Burgerlove, events and fun.

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Burgerlove X Cryptocurrency, a tasty collaboration
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