Back to basics socialising with BSociable


In today’s modern world, social media dominates our lives, and real, meaningful relationships are becoming lost in the digital world. But change is coming, and the entrepreneurs behind the Bsociable app are at the forefront of that change.

Developed by ethically-minded entrepreneurs, the Bsociable mobile app is being embraced by the younger generations as an alternative to WhatsApp, SMS and Instagram to simplify the way they connect with each other.

Bsociable is not about turning away from technology because let’s face it; technology is a part of our lives. It’s relevant and relatable to the Gen Y & Z because it represents a way of simplifying social interactions to catch up with friends and family. It incorporates calendars, maps, messaging and an RSVP function, all in one app.

The Bsociable app has been developed by Randeep Wasal. After 18 years of career success in the corporate world and watching the evolution and impact of social media, he has contributed towards creating a world where technology and meaningful social interactions are balanced for our children, community and their future.

“We use technology to organise and bring people together,” Randeep explains. “But then once we’re together, we put our phones away to connect and create memories with our loved ones and friends. It’s about balance. Identifying when to use technology and when to switch it off.”

The concept of simplifying social interactions is already proving successful. Since its inception in October 2017, Bsociable has generated more than 7,000 users including sports clubs, youth groups using the app. And as discussions continue around the use of social media and privacy, Randeep sees Bsociable as a step in the right direction for the future use of technology.

“This is for real people looking for real connections and wanting to build memories,” he says. “We are a business built on ethics. We want people to feel protected and secure when using our app. We want to give personal space to our users, and we respect their boundaries.”

This can all be summed up in Bsociable’s mission statement, which is to “accelerate the transition to a sustainable work-life balance.”

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Randeep Wasal, CEO & Founder BSociable 

Randeep Wasal is a father of two based in North-West Sydney, originally residing in the UK. Randeep comes from an IT background where is worked his way up the corporate ladder and established himself as a Group IT Manager for Evolution Mining in his last role. He left this role on the 31st of March 2017 to pursue his app dream- BSociable.

The creation of BSociable started in June 2016 after an idea sprung to his mind when trying to play catch ups with friends and family. Since the start of the development, Randeep has turned an idea into reality and launched the app in October 2017. The app includes simple features such as a calendar, map, chatroom, location and dietary requirements.

His start-up journey became full time when both himself and his wife, Renu Wasal, both left their full-time jobs to pursue their dream. In August 2017, they were accepted into the H2 Accelerator program where they raised a $100K Angel investment. Since October 2017, they have grown the app and have over 7,000 downloads.

Randeep foresees a bright, successful future for BSociable- “We see Bsociable become the largest platform in the World for social events. We strongly believe that our app represents the Australian culture of welfare, outdoors and technological growth. Tech companies in the Silicon Valley will look up to Bsociable as an inspiration who’ve built an ethical start-up driven by values and respect”.

About BSociable

Bsociable was founded by Randeep Wasal in March 2017 and based in Sydney, NSW. It was made into an app much later, but the inspiration sparked when his wife Renu hand-balled the coordination of a family dinner in early 2016. A lot of messages, phone calls, group chats and emails later, he had a date and time when everyone was available, suitable venue to get around easily, a count on the number of guests, and an app.

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Back to basics socialising with BSociable
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