Louisa Shen

Author: Louisa Shen

Louisa is freelance writer and editor who has worked in the tech space for several years. When she is not writing, she can be found in the kitchen baking some thing or other. She is a grammar freak and did her English degree in Auckland.

4 Articles Published

  • CES 2018 is all about VR, Automation, and AI

    The CES 2018 in Las Vegas has always been a six-day gawk-fest and geeky party for the gadget man in all of us. This year 3,900 exhibitors crowded the convention centre. 184,000 visitors, minor flooding, and a bit of a chaotic blackout later, we can take stock of some of the key trends emerging from the… Read more »

  • 5 Start Ups We’ve Got Our Eye On

    Here’s some inspiration for the weekend. There are so many startups in the world and everyone one of them is worth watching and keeping up with. But these 5 startups are making waves, and we’ve got our eyes glued to them to see what they will do next. CancerAid CancerAid, a personalised cancer patient care… Read more »

  • Indigenous Women in Business giving us #mondaymotivation goals

    The gender disparity in tech is now a well-documented problem. Worldwide, for every seven men in tech, there are roughly only three women. Lately, a senior engineer at Google got fired after his tirade against equity initiatives, suggesting that somehow women are ‘naturally’ unsuited to programming. For women of colour, the statistics are even worse…. Read more »

  • How Uber enters new markets

    Since it’s inception in 2000, Uber has been the tech company we all love to hate. Its rise has been rapid. In 2014, it was rolling out at a rate of one city per day. Now, it’s in more than 450 cities worldwide. So, this is how Uber does it. Scout Despite the speed of… Read more »