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  • SHOUTback- The new darling of Adelaide’s thriving startup scene

    Known for its lush, world-class wine-producing valleys, long pristine beaches and an eclectic Fringe Festival, Adelaide isn’t the first place many of us think of when talking of startup communities, and that’s exactly where you might be going wrong. In the last decade or so, Adelaide has seen a tremendous rise in startup activity, with… Read more »

  • New Zealand a startup ‘Utopia’, but VC’s call for more funding

    Ahhhh New Zealand- known the world over for its unstoppable national rugby team, stunning mountain ranges, beautiful lakes and vistas AND its vibrant startup ecosystem. You heard right. New Zealand’s startup community has, for the better part of two decades, consistently punched well above its weight for a country of its size. Birthing 8 unicorns in… Read more »

  • EduTech paves the way to a brighter future for our students

    Classroom teaching methods had remained much the same for centuries; Students would come to class, sit down at a desk facing the front of the room, pull out their books and listen to the teacher’s every word. This is the way it was- a simple, effective way of getting students to learn by listening, and… Read more »

  • Google left high and dry in search for new Aussie HQ

    The NSW state government has left Google in the lurch as a plan to create a new innovation hub with the tech giant as the ‘anchor tenant’ has fallen through. This isn’t the first time Google has attempted to establish a headquarters in Sydney.  The Silicon Valley-based company walked away from plans to convert the White… Read more »

  • Pornstar Brett Rossi explains Ethereum to the internet because…Reddit.

    Anyone remember late 2017, when you couldn’t walk into a hotel lobby, or a gym locker room, NAY! Even a douchey cocktail bar without hearing a bunch of ‘bros’ trying to out-do each other on how much each one knew about cryptocurrency? I certainly do. And, though the hype and excitement around Crypto may have… Read more »

  • Why do so many startups fail?

    Your startup will likely fail. Get used to it. But why do startups fail? The startup world is incredibly volatile and one fraught with many ups and downs, risks and huge losses and gains of potential investment and funding. In an article recently published by FastCompany titled; ‘ Why most venture-backed companies fail’, it was… Read more »

  • Brisbane set to become a new player in startup race

    I’m not trying to start a fight here, I promise. Since the dawn of the 1990’s, Australia’s young entrepreneurs and budding startup founders have looked to the country’s economic hub, Sydney, to begin their businesses. It’s no surprise that Sydney ranks highest regarding new startups, with 35% of the country’s startup’s, followed by Melbourne at… Read more »

  • Aussie edutech startup set to revolutionise the way we teach

    This Melbourne-based startup is making a serious mark on the EduTech community. Started in 2014 by Colin Wood, Verso Learning is a skill and training platform for teachers. The goal? To provide teachers with greater training and development to implement more effective learning programmes in their classrooms. The platform utilises high impact learning strategies as… Read more »

  • Are our government initiatives enough to help young Australian startups?

    Australia’s economy has stood strong for the better of three decades- largely unaffected by any major recessions and boasts 13th place in terms of the worlds largest economies, including 9th in the world for highest per-capita income.  The tech and innovation sectors are also growing at a rapid pace. So, if you’re thinking of beginning… Read more »