Airbnb is stepping up their game for the next 10 years

Airbnb is getting an upgrade, yes, the king advocate of sharing economy is taking themselves up another level.

And trust me you would want to hear about this.

“Airbnb for Everyone”

Four new property types, new tiers, Airbnb collection, Superhost and guest membership program, those are just some things being introduced this time.

Are you as excited I am about this? Because you should be.

We all know about Airbnb and how big it is but let me put in some numbers to know how successful they actually are.

Airbnb is one of the world’s largest accommodation platforms with 4.5 million places to stay in 81,000 cities. Over the last ten years, Airbnb hosts earned more than US$ 41bn, and guests have checked into an Airbnb more than 300 million times.

That’s pretty impressive.

Whether if you’re a guest or a host, we all know Airbnb has impacted us positively in one way or another.

I mean Airbnb saved me from sleeping on the streets, and the host is one of the closest friends I’ve made in Melbourne.

This roadmap is to project the next ten years, aiming to reach more than 1 billion guests, and it is designed to bring the transformative benefits of local, personal and authentic travel to every type of traveller.

New Property Types

We all know the three property types they offer as of now, shared space, private room, an entire home, but now they are including four more to the list.

Vacation Home, Unique Space, B&B and Boutique are the new property types.

Via Airbnb.

There is already a diverse selection of accommodation, a reported 4.5 million places to stay.

This further options will help categorise the accommodation and making it easier for the guest to find exactly what they exactly want.

This will also provide greater transparency over the types of accommodation available, and help hosts better showcase what’s unique about them to better match with guests’ preferences.

Sophisticated search capabilities will be implemented, so that will allow any traveller to find the host and home that’s right for them.

This will launch around summertime (the US season timeline).

New Tiers

A luxury tier will be added in spring, Beyond by Airbnb.

About time this tier is being introduced, I’m waiting to live like I’m not on minimum wage.

Beyond by Airbnb will offer custom designed trips of a lifetime, including the world’s finest homes, custom experiences and world-class hospitality.

Now you can travel in luxe with Airbnb, but better mention that’s it’s not regular Airbnb, it’s Beyond by Airbnb.

Live up that boujee life.

Another tier that will be added on is the Airbnb plus.

If you have some anxiety about Airbnb verifications, this one is for you.

Airbnb Plus homes have been inspected and verified in person against a 100+ point checklist covering cleanliness, comfort and design.

This will help alleviate the questioning feeling you have about verifications and stranger’s homes.

Starting with 2000 homes in 13 cities available to book right now, Airbnb Plus is intended for guests looking for beautiful homes, exceptional hosts and added peace of mind.

Airbnb Collections

You know when you book an Airbnb, and you’re not entirely sure if it will suit the need you’re looking for? Well, Airbnb collection is here to make it easy.

Airbnb collection will have homes perfect for every occasion, weddings, honeymoons, group getaways and dinner parties even.

This is to help guest find the perfect home with the extra kitchen space or a dining place that they desire, hence catering to a diverse group of travellers.

Superhost and guest membership program

The superhost program is not new, and it includes 400,000 hosts globally right now.

by Ali Killam, via Airbnb.

Today it announces an expansion of the program to offer 14 new and updated benefits including better exposure, custom URLs and exclusive benefits on smart home products.

Airbnb will also recognise its best guests with a new guest membership program offering benefits across the entire trip.

Superguest will launch initially to 10,000 guests as a trial this summer before being rolled out to Airbnb’s wider guest community before the end of the year.

By Ali Killam, via Airbnb.

This is the way Airbnb is investing in their community since guests and hosts are the core of their company.

So, if you’re hoping to get another achievement in life, here’s one for you.

So, what does it say about Airbnb?

A leader in the sharing economy trend, Airbnb is setting a pretty good example.

All these new features show that Airbnb is keen on recognising their stakeholders, from the community to the investors.

“That means helping hosts be more successful, bringing belonging to more guests and supporting small businesses in communities such as B&Bs and boutiques that provide local and authentic hospitality.”

So far they have done well, mishaps with issues around host and guest disagreement. But they are definitely the front-runner in the sharing economy space.

I’m excited, are you?

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Airbnb is stepping up their game for the next 10 years
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