5 collaborative apps you might want to consider

Collaboration requires communication and communication plays a vital role in determining success or failure.

Especially between teams, the number of emails and text messages being sent, is there a better way to put everything together?

Of course, there is, technology is always catching up on our needs.

There are heaps of collaborative apps and platforms to pick from. Just a quick search on Google and you’ll see quite a number of platform and reviews.

So here are 5 platforms to consider.

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  • Slack [/tie_list]

Slack is a popular choice for many. The interface is really easy and a powerful message search is their forte. Drag and drop are available for sharing files and easy integration with many other services as well. Notification can be given for each different channel, which becomes useful where there are many group conversations going on.

Via Slack.

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  • Workplace by Facebook[/tie_list]

Workplace is a business communication platform by Facebook. The major advantage is that the interface is very familiar; it looks almost identical to Facebook. You can create different pages for all the people in the company. It is especially great for a company with various projects. The messaging space is identical to messenger on Facebook, hence using gifs is a breeze.

Via Workplace.

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  • Basecamp[/tie_list]

Basecamp is like a massive digital noticeboard. The freeform interface might not be for everyone. Each project will have a page with subsections all visible for you. So just like a notice board you see what’s on the board and go pick the thing you need to access. It is great for those who like a different feel to the other collaborative platforms. Plus, the app logo is pretty adorable looking.

Via Basecamp.

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  • Asana[/tie_list]

Asana is another platform that is quite popular. It is great for organizing task and having a thread for that particular task. The messaging feels a lot more like posting comments on a post, hence it is good for keeping track with the task and those involved in it. The interface is really clean and easy to read, even if you tracking every single task.

Via Asana.

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  • HipChat[/tie_list]

Hipchat is the choice for many because of their competitive pricing. For the cost what you are able to access is great. Drag and drop sharing, protected messaging, powerful message search are just some of the advantages. It is a great platform for new startups to try.

Via Atlassian.


Leave us a reply and tell us what is your favourite collaborative platform or any others to consider!


Put your Boots on and get ready for Bootstrapping!
5 collaborative apps you might want to consider
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Put your Boots on and get ready for Bootstrapping!